10 Restaurant wp themes to upgrade your website

Many restaurants around South Africa still don’t have their own websites and a few are content with only relying on listings with restaurant portals. As a hospitality business, having total control of your online presence is important…in this case with a website, you’ll enable potential guests to book online and manage your tables.

A restaurant without a website cannot:

  1. Accept online bookings.
  2. Showcase their menu online.
  3. Promote their daily specials online.
  4. Highlight the design online with photographs.
  5. Introduce the chef and supporting staff online.
  6. Build an email mailing list.
  7. Showcase operating business hours.
  8. Run an in-house restaurant blog.
  9. Showcase social media activities beyond the social media platforms.
  10. Showcase testimonials from happy clients.
  11. Have an online map with directions to your restaurant.
  12. Showcase achievements such as awards.
  13. Promote forthcoming events.

Am sure, you’ll agree with me that the above list ultimately affects the bottom line of any restaurant operation…therefore it’s not a wise move not to invest in an effective restaurant website.

WordPress as a content management system is versatile in that its now being used to create industry focused websites beyond blogs. Today I’ll expose you to ten (10) themes all powered by wordpress, each of these designs would cost you less than $100 for a professionally designed website:

1. Foodilicious theme | Price $65


2. Gourmet Theme | Price $65


3. MyCuisine Theme | Cost $60 per year (all themes)

My Cuisine
4. Rosa | Cost $75


5. Resca | Cost $59


6. Delicious | Cost $59


7. Grand | Cost $64


8. Lemon Chili | Cost $54


  1. Sushi | Cost $59


10. Linguini Theme | Cost $49


Author: Muzi Mohale

Hi there, am your host and I blog about the tourism industry in South Africa. You're also welcome to contribute your expert content on matters affecting the industry. You can reach me on muzi[at]tourismedition.com

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