1Time passenger update

Following 1time Airline’s announcement yesterday afternoon that the carrier is filing for liquidation and that it has ceased operations with immediate effect, herewith a final passenger update:

1time passengers abroad:

1time is doing its utmost to accommodate passengers stranded in Zanzibar and Zimbabwe who were supposed to fly today, tomorrow and Monday (only). This is likely to be through a cash reimbursement upon arrival in South Africa.

Passengers’ recourse:

There is likely recourse for credit card purchases on the “service not delivered” basis, which allows passengers who purchased 1time tickets using their credit cards to apply for their money back from their respective banks through a “charge back”.

Nedbank statement:

The process for getting refunded is as follows for the cardholder who purchased tickets on 1time as per a statement from Nedbank which reads:

“Cardholders who have purchased flight tickets on 1time using a credit card branded with a Visa, MasterCard or an American Express logo, may contact their issuing bank for a chargeback. A chargeback is a reversal of a transaction because the goods or services that were purchased were not provided by the merchant. These card chargeback processing rules are established practices between banks that issue payment cards and banks that facilitate merchants to accept payment cards as a valid payment mechanism.

“Nedbank and American Express Cardholders may apply for a chargeback if they have purchased a 1time ticket on their Nedbank Visa or MasterCard credit card, or on their American Express card, for a flight scheduled to depart after 3pm on 2 November 2012.

“Cardholders should raise a chargeback within 60 days to allow enough time for Nedbank to validate the chargeback before we submit it to the acquirer. Nedbank advises all cardholders to follow the normal process and contact the Nedbank Call Centre on 0860 555 111.”

A dispute form will be provided to the cardholder, after which the cardholder is required to submit the following documentation to Nedbank:

  • The completed dispute form
  • Proof that the services were not rendered (a reference number or correspondence to this effect) e.g. Copy of the air ticket.

Contact details:

ABSA: 0861 462 273 or email disputes@absa.co.za

First National Bank: 087 575 1111

Nedbank: 0860 555 111

Standard Bank: disputes@standardbank.co.za

1time again apologises to all passengers for the inconvenience and financial losses caused and wishes to reiterate that management and staff did everything in their power to keep the airline operational to honour commitments and obligations to passengers.

“Throughout our journey of Business Rescue we have been nothing but honest and transparant in all our dealings with you and therefore it is with regret that this is my final communique to you. In spite of malicious rumours, I wish to reassure them that 1time did not know until 3pm yesterday afternoon that the Business Rescue practitioners would shut operations with immediate effect.

“Despite the best efforts of my management team, our nationwide employees, and myself, we were unfortunately unable to win this battle. I again wish to thank passengers for their loyalty and commitment to 1time, your unrelenting support is testimony that South Africa has lost a formidable player in the aviation industry,” concludes Blacky Komani, CEO of 1time Airline.

Author: Muzi Mohale

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