4 Hotel etiquette tips to save tou the blushes

William Horman once said that “manners maketh man.” Although he lived in the late 15th and early 16th century, Horman’s thoughts on man and manners are a rule that we continue to subscribe to in the present day. Different places we go to demand a certain standard of etiquette and hotels are no different. Fail to obey etiquette and you will find yourself committing one social faux pas after another. Here are 4 simple etiquette tips to save you the blushes at hotels.

Conduct yourself like a civilized individual

Many tourists make the mistake of thinking that they can do as they please, just because they have paid for a room in the hotel. In reality, hotels expect guests to conduct themselves in a civil manner at all times. The level of etiquette varies according to the type of hotel. For example, a luxury hotel promises to offer you the very best service and care, only because they expect you to have the very best of manners. On the other hand, motels that cater mostly to families are more relaxed about how guests behave. Of course, even they have limits; kids are allowed to cry and throw tantrums, adults are not. Misbehaving or being obnoxious could see you getting ejected from the premises.

Order breakfast the night before

Almost every hotel in the world expects to receive order for breakfasts by a certain fixed time the night before. To this effect, they even leave little menus in the room which can be filled out and left hanging outside your door. Later in the night, someone from room service will collect the order forms during their nightly rounds. This helps ensure that everything in the kitchen runs smoothly the following morning and that all their guests are served breakfast on time. If you decide to wake up in the morning, call room service, and shout your order into the phone receiver, do not expect prompt service.

Don’t make life difficult for housekeeping staff

Yes, hotels have a housekeeping staff to clean the rooms so that you don’t have to. However, that does not mean you should live like a slob and make life extremely difficult for the housekeeper. Don’t forget that the housekeeping staff is in charge of keeping the entire hotel/motel clean and making their life difficult won’t endear you to them. It is just basic courtesy to clean up after yourself and just because you are staying at a hotel does not mean you can forget it.

Tip generously

Hotel staff aren’t usually paid too high since they are expected to make most of their salary through tips. Of course, this does not include management positions; you would not tip the front desk staff checking you in. However, porters, maids and room service staff do depend upon tips as an integral part of their income. Never be stingy when it comes to tipping. You can tip according to the level of service you receive, but there is no excuse for tipping poorly if the service has been excellent.

Although the etiquette tips mentioned here are quite easy to follow, they are almost universally acknowledged and should serve you well, no matter where in the world you travel to.

  • The writer, Holly Diaz, is a budding novelist and popular travel blogger. She says she finds writing and travelling cathartic. She believes that among the different hotels she has been to, hotel Allgäu, is the one she found the most comforting and homely.

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