4 Security measures for you hotel guests

When running a hotel, there are three priorities – quality, comfort, and safety. Without a combination of the three, your hotel businesses face failure with guests feeling uncomfortable or unsafe when staying at your premises. With quality and comfort, hotel managers should look at style and customer service to create a pleasing experience, but with regards to security it is necessary to consider technical ways to ensure that guests, employees, their belongings, and the property stay safe throughout the day and night.

Aside from the impact that an unsafe hotel has in terms of customer reviews, loyalty and recommendation, it is also essential to have relevant security systems in place to prevent loss of assets and physical damage to the property. For hoteliers that are looking to make improvements in their security standards, here are some essential measures that will ensure maximum safety.

24/7 Occupation

One of the simplest ways to deter criminals and keep your premises secure is by constantly occupying the premises. Throughout the night, your hotel should have staff that can attend to the guests, as well as a separate group of employees who are able to purely focus on security by working to prevent non-guests from entering the hotel, criminal behaviour, and threats to premises and guest safety.

During the day, reception areas should be constantly manned, as should other areas that can be easily targeted by luggage thieves, pickpockets and vandals.

Hotel CCTV Systems

Close Circuit Television is useful to all businesses as a way to monitor their premises. Clearly visible CCTV acts as a deterrent against criminal behaviour, and is the best way to collect evidence that can be used to prosecute those acting in a disruptive way, vandalising, or breaking in to your premises.

Hoteliers should install security cameras on both the exterior and interior of their premises to ensure that all criminal activity that may be occurring can be recorded and used as evidence when prosecuting. Where CCTV placed externally may benefit from being visible, hotel owners may want the security cameras placed in hallways and public areas to be more covert in order to align with the space’s aesthetic design.

Burglar Alarms

Sadly, just because your premises are constantly occupied by staff, and has CCTV equipment in the relevant areas, doesn’t mean that criminals will necessarily be deterred. As in reality there is very little that can prevent your hotel from being targeted by criminals, it is necessary to put measures in place that will aid early action and recovery, and to work with security businesses that have the relevant accreditations to ensure that the systems you use will ensure safety.

A burglar alarm will alert the security personnel working within your hotel of an intruder, and also works to deter or distract those entering the property with criminal intent, so it is essential safety technology for all hotels. It is best for a hotel to have an alarm installed that has police response, such as the ones offered here, so that should an incident occur legal bodies are instantly alerted.

Restricted Entry Areas

As keeping staff and guests safe is a top priority for hoteliers, having areas with restricted access will keep necessary sections of your hotel safe and secure. Along with using modern entry systems, such as keycards, to allow guests to enter the building at night, their rooms, and access power, having other areas, such as kitchens, staff rooms, and offices, with restricted access can help protect assets and keep individuals safe.

Providing staff with keycards, or pin codes, for entry to restricted areas will help prevent unauthorised access, and by regularly changing the passcodes and data employees who no longer work for your company will be unable to access these areas.  Look for companies offering door access control

Achieving Best Value

Many security and security system companies specialise in just one or two of these security measures. Others, however, provide integrated security systems that ensure full protection all round your property and across multiple sites. This combined approach can offer economies in term of installation, maintenance and monitoring fees.

Beth Stubbings thinks that it is important for hotels to appear safe and secure in order to help prevent criminal activity and to help guests relax. She would recommend Standfast Security Systems to UK hotel businesses that are looking to make improvements to their security by installing technology such as alarm systems and CCTV cameras.

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