5 Great design tips for your restaurant

Owning a restaurant is truly exciting, and you might be fulfilling a lifelong dream by doing so. In order to make the restaurant just as appealing to your customers as it is to you, keep these five following tips in mind when it comes to the design element.

Restaurant Lighting

Lighting is such an important part of any business, and this is especially true in the restaurant world. You want the lighting to match the ambience of the eatery. A casual sandwich shop with outdoor seating would be best suited for brighter lights that still have that soft touch. However, a romantic restaurant that plenty of couples frequent is the perfect mate for a dimmer lighting scene.

Consider Functionality

Placing the kitchen door right by a crowded seating area is not the best idea at all. Not only is the staff constantly going to have to ask people to move, but you are also setting up a safety risk with all of those hot plates coming out. Diners like to enjoy their meal away from the hustle and bustle of the kitchen, so set up your establishment in a manner that fits with this style.

Comfortable Seating

As you are selecting the chairs for your establishment, think about what you would like to sit in while you enjoy a nice meal. Armchairs can be very uncomfortable for many people as can very hard chairs. People should not sink into their chairs while they are trying to eat, but they should have comfortable support. Find out if the store will allow you to sit in some of the seats to see how they feel. If the legs are already wobbly, that’s a sign it is time to opt for a different style of chair.

The Waiting Area

Sometimes, when diners are waiting for a table, they get put into an uncomfortable area. The staff and other guests might be constantly walking back and forth. Consider having a large bar area or at least some seats where people can wait for their table.

Otherwise, you are going to wind up with a lot of confusion. People do not like to have uncomfortable waits, especially when they are hungry, so they will probably consider this factor when deciding if they would return to your restaurant in the future.

Professional Assistance

All of these tips can certainly help restaurants, but these establishments are all different from one another. Some of these tips might not work for you, and others may need to be tweaked to match your specific restaurant. Consider hiring a professional shopfitter to assist you with planning out the restaurant and deciding what the best design is for this place.

Some think that the design of a restaurant is not important, but people certainly want an excellent ambience. When individuals eat at your restaurant, you really want to create the total experience for them.

A professional shop fitter can help design, build, and equip your restaurant with all the tools you need to succeed.

  • Michele Smith is an interior designer, digital artist and blogger with experience in the shopfitting process.

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