5 Paradisiacal honeymoon African destinations

Honeymoon is the most anticipated event after the wedding. It is the time of bonding, adventure and exciting vacation escapades for the newlyweds. As the start of your life together, it is only proper that you fill it with happy memories. Choose a honeymoon destination that is unique and unpopulated by other tourists. Stay away from crowded areas as these may interfere with the closeness to your relationship deserves. Instead, consider Africa and its islands. There are many beautiful and serene places where you can nourish your love for each other.


Seychelles Islands or also called  the Republic of Seychelles is located in the Indian Ocean and it is one of the smallest countries in Africa. The equatorial location of the island is well loved because its weather is tropical most times of the year. It is the destination of honeymooners looking for magnificent beaches and secluded tropical areas. This Indian Ocean Island  is bestowed with many scenic landscapes including enchanting forests and magnificent mountains. The dramatic backdrop offers an exceptionally romantic setting for newly married couples. There are also many luxury resorts to choose from. You can stay in different islands such as  Mahe, La Digueand Praslin or on a private island that offers exclusive accommodations.

Sao Tome and Principe

Sao Tome and Principe officially known as the Democratic Republic of Sao Tome and Principe is found in the Gulf of Guinea in Central Africa. It has two main islands namely, Sao Tome and Principe. The country is the home of lush forests, extravagant mountains, white  beaches and beautiful terrains. The tropical climate is best for many couple adventures like mountain climbing, trekking and water sports activities. Sao Tome and Principe is also the home of many endemic birds and plants including the world’s smallest ibis and the world’s largest sunbird. Couples who want to experience nature at its finest should highly consider these  two islands. Since this is a Portuguese-speaking country, bringing a few words of Portuguese will help you a lot during your vacation.

Cape Verde

Another perfect getaway for your honeymoon is Cape Verde. With only 5 and half hours flight from Europe, you can already enjoy the long beautiful white beaches, dramatic landscapes and rich culture of these islands. Its tropical climate is ideal for water lovers. You can choose from the three most popular islands – Sal, Boa Vista and Santiago. The crystal blue water is attractive for sports activities like windsurfing, diving and swimming.


Comoro lies between Northern Madagascar and Africa. The stunning volcanic islands are the greatest attractions of the place. One very popular and active volcano is the Mt. Karthala which is surrounded by hot springs like the sulphur hot spring at Lac Sala. There are also beaches, rainforests and waterfalls to accommodate your adventurous side. Couples can have a romantic boat ride, snorkeling and scuba-diving. You should also find time to see the local dance that showcases the richness of their tradition.


Maldives is also located in the middle part of Indian Ocean. The warm beaches, blue sky and crystal clear lagoons are just some of the many  attractions of the island. Marco Polo even called the place as the “flower of the Indies” because of its stunning beauty.

Getting to these paradisiacal honeymoon African destinations is easier than you   may imagine. The different islands are very welcoming to visitors. Just ask your travel agent about them and for sure, the arrangements can be  made for you.

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