7 Important lessons to learn before going on a wine tour

Wine tours are that perfect mixture of fun and sophistication. It’s also something that makes you look cool, as is typical with all things related to wine. However, it’s only fun when you do it right, and in order to do that there are seven important things you need to learn thoroughly.

Ease off the perfume and aftershave

A majority of people on wine tours are either ardent admirers of the art of wine tasting or are on the way to becoming connoisseurs. And for them, a major part of the ultimate wine experience comes from the sense of smell. The intoxicating aroma hitting the senses and creating an explosion of flavors no words can explain. Don’t let your cologne ruin the party. Save The Axe Effect for another day, maybe.

Do not get drunk

What starts off a sip, soon ends in a wine fest. Law dictates that drunken people shouldn’t be served more wine even during a tasting. Moreover, most wineries have a strict policy of asking the drunken guest to leave. If you’re that guy, this will only lead to embarrassment and a great loss of time and money, and not to forget the wine tour experience.

Have a designated driver

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Because, in spite of our warnings, there’s a high chance you might be wee bit drunk and certainly in no position to drive. It won’t be too difficult to find a designated driver. We all have that one friend, after all. You can also check with the wine tour company, if they have an added service of designated drivers. It’ll make things a whole lot easier and safer for you.

Dress well

More importantly, dress comfortable. A wine tour involves A LOT of moving around, standing and drinking. Throw uncomfortable clothes and footwear into the equation, and enjoyment is the last thing you’ll have on your hands. Leave the heels and tight clothing in the closet back home. Wear something that won’t leave you wanting to tear every shred of garment off your body before even half the day has passed.

Do not go empty-stomach

This is more about common sense than a guideline. Have a hearty breakfast before you start the tour, and don’t forget to grab a quick snack every now and then. A well-fed stomach and a well-hydrated body means a system that stays sober longer, because there may be a lot of things we want to do, but getting sloshed before lunchtime certainly isn’t one of them.


To put it plain and simple- a winery has wine- a lot of it, actually. And you’ll taste almost everything that’s in the inventory. If you actually consume every wine on the menu, you’ll be setting breathalyzers on fire just by sneezing. Spit, whenever you can. It’s an acceptable norm in the wine-tasting world. But, even spitting needs to be done with at least some measure of sophistication. Practice at home, before you jump on a spitting spree in front of a disapproving audience.

Use the toilet

We hate to be the ones stating the obvious, but stranger things have happened, especially with alcohol in the picture. If you’re winery-hopping, empty your bladder at each stop, to make way for the next batch of wine. It’ll help you stay under control and make sure you leave the winery on your own two feet. Plus, with all the water and wine you’ll be drinking, it’s not like you’ll be left with another option.

Even a one way ticket to hell sounds like a vacation when there’s good wine to keep you company. In that comparison, this is just a wine tour. Don’t get into that note-taking frenzy; you’ll miss out on all the fun things. Just relax, have fun, revel in the sights, sounds, smells and tastes- like a sir!

  •  This guest post is by Alison Ince, a culinary enthusiast. She uses guest posting to share her knowledge and express her loveforfood. Her day job is at  Niagara Vintage Wine Tours, a company that offers a first class intimate and genuine Niagara wine country experience.

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