ACSA responds to Skywise Airline

Airports Company South Africa (ACSA) confirms that it is aware of all allegations and legal action instituted against the company by Skywise Airline.

ACSA is currently responding to the summons of 22 December 2015 in which Skywise claims damages due to breach of contract and will comply fully with all ensuing legal processes.

In addition, ACSA has noted through the media that, on 12 January 2016, Skywise has named it as a respondent in a case with the Competition Commission. ACSA has not received any formal communication or correspondence from the Competition Commission, however the company will provide its full cooperation with any investigation that the Competition Commission might institute.

Skywise Airline

ACSA further notes media reports with allegations that it affords South African Airways preferential treatment. ACSA wishes to reaffirm that it affords all its airline clients fair and equal treatment based on the terms and conditions of the client’s contract and other prevailing formal agreements. 

Should any airline fail to operate within the terms and conditions of our engagement, breach Airports Company South Africa’s level of acceptable credit risk appetite, or not conform to the regulations of the Government Gazette Notice 1164 of 2014, ACSA will take the necessary appropriate actions to minimise risk exposure. 

ACSA maintains that all its decisions and actions have been taken in the company’s best commercial interests while ensuring the sustainability of South Africa’s aviation industry.

Author: Muzi Mohale

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