Four apps you want and need when traveling

There are countless unexpected moments that can occur when on vacation, so it makes sense to make as many preparations as possible. Many of these experiences will be good, but there can be disaster and malaise as well – the beauty of life is not knowing when which will strike. Fortunately, being prepared for the worst (or best) scenario is now possible via technology. With a variety of mobile applications for just about every function in life, users have discovered that there is no better place to use some apps than when on vacation. Below, we have selected four applications for review that can offer added benefits when away from home.


If the worst case scenario occurs while you or your family is on vacation, then who should emergency responders call? With the ICE: In Case of Emergency app, you do not have to think about this nor worry. Once you have installed the application, you can add vital details such as number of people who need to be contacted, insurance information, a list of your primary care physicians, allergies and any medical conditions you currently have. Available for $3.99 via the Android Marketplace, ICE: In Case of Emergency can provide peace of mind in the worst situations.

iStone Travel Translation

When traveling abroad, it may be necessary to communicate in a language in which you are not fluent. Luckily, apps like iStone Travel Translation can be vital aids to clear up and eliminate the language barriers that may exist. Excellently designed to provide the best translations available, iStone can render accurate text in a dozen of the world’s most popular languages. Also included in the app are a variety of conversational translations with text-to-voice options. You can find the iStone Travel Translation app on both the Android Marketplace and the iTunes App Store for free.

Travel App Box

Upon arrival in a big city, you may need to find vital information on nearby locales, services and amenities. Using the Travel App Box, users will be able to easily access a variety of helpful travel services such as maps of transportation grids, country codes for easy calling, a tip calculator and a currency converter. In addition to these features, users can check flight statuses, see the current weather, download maps for offline use and play a variety of included games. Available on the Android Marketplace and the iTunes App Store, this comprehensive application can be downloaded for just $1.99.


Anyone who loves to travel also knows how much those back at home love to hear about their adventures. With Postagram, you can now share those special moments with others in an old-fashioned way. The app can be used to capture select photos that are then printed by Postagram and mailed to any address you desire. You can customize your Postagram to include a picture of yourself, up to 140 characters as a message and best of all; it only takes a couple of minutes to design one. Each Postagram costs between $0.99-1.99, but the app itself is free and available for download on iOS and Android devices.

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