How to avoid being ripped off ay an RV dealer

There are many items to inspect on every RV, and knowledge of each part creates a good basis for understanding how to assess the condition of the vehicle. If there is corrosion on the marine battery, the vehicle may be suffering from other forms of neglect as well. The same is true for the presence of mold on any of the floor or wall surfaces.

Buying a Used RV

When consumers are able to detect specific problems with the vehicle, they may also be in a position to leverage the price. However, unless this leverage is properly applied, the dealer may end up with more money than the vehicle is worth. Learn about the key components of every RV. This will help buyers avoid being scammed by dealers who make false claims about the condition of the unit. Some of the most important components of the unit include:

  • Marine Batteries
  • Water Pumps
  • Floor Construction
  • Vehicle Weight
  • Generator

Buying a New RV

Negotiation of the price of new unit is slightly more problematic than haggling over the price of a used RV. It is unlikely that a dealer will be flexible with the ticket price, but they may have some authority to affect the interest rate, which reduces the monthly payment. Customers can also haggle over the APR by using the down payment as leverage. However, this process requires a significant amount of skill. Practice with a friend, and get used to the negotiation process before going to the lot. Buyers who are comfortable using negotiation techniques are much less likely to be ripped off than customers who are unprepared to handle the negotiation process.

Social Media and RV Dealers

Social media can help some consumers avoid the problem of doing business with an unscrupulous dealer. Potential RV consumers can easily use social media platforms to flag certain dealers who may have sold a bad piece of equipment or reneged on a portion of their service contract. Similarly, it is also possible to gain access to a wide range of opinions on social media, and this can be useful in securing references and recommendations from other RV customers.

RV Dealers and New Technologies

One of the most exciting new technologies on the market is the solar-powered RV. It represents a viable alternative to the gas-guzzling generator. Determine the amount of power required before deciding which method to use for power. Some people enjoy using solar-charged batteries as a backup source of power, but others may want to use this as the primary power source. Do not let the dealer inflate the cost of the vehicle just because it has solar power. This feature alone does not guarantee performance.

RV Dealers are not responsible for performing research for customers. Learning about the critical components of the RV is essential knowledge for any customer who wants to avoid being ripped off. It is always the responsibility of the buyer to determine the condition of the recreational vehicle before committing to a purchase agreement. However, a good recommendation from a trusted source remains the most reliable method of avoiding bad dealers.

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