How to get blacklisted from a hotel

Finding a decent hotel for an affordable price can be hard work. Whether it’s for a weekend break, a business trip or even a full holiday. You want comfort and style, with all the luxuries of an en-suite, a restaurant providing top food and for those on holiday in an exotic place, possibly a swimming pool. What can also be hard, however, is once you’ve find the right hotel, not breaching those important rules of hospitality. Yes, you want to make yourself at home, but you also don’t want to be thrown out after all the money you’ve paid to be there and before you’ve even tried out that posh-looking restaurant. So what are the things to avoid doing so you don’t get blacklisted by a hotel?

Smoking in your room.

It’s a bad habit at the best of times, but when a hotel has gone to all that trouble to pamper you in your room, the last thing they need is to have the room smelling of smoke, which they will have to try and get rid of. And there’s always the risk of setting off the smoke detector or fire alarm – you do not want to be the one dragging everyone out of bed because you want a cheeky cigarette.

Leaving your room in a mess.

It might be fun to change all the furniture around, or it might be less of a hassle to dump all your rubbish in your room, but the hotel certainly won’t be impressed. Be kind to hotel cleaners and leave everything in the room how you found it and clear away any smelly rubbish before you go.

Disturbing other people.

No-one wants noisy neighbours in a hotel – they’ll complain about you and you’ll get told off by management. Keep the TV at a reasonable volume and respect that most people will probably be in bed between 11pm and 8am.

Breaking things.

Some accidents do happen – but if you’re constantly breaking things in your room because you’re not looking after them properly, the hotel will not be best pleased.

Not paying up on time.

A sure way of getting blacklisted is to not pay up on time or in full. Check when you have to pay and how much, to avoid getting stung.

That’s all there is to it – following these easy steps will ensure that you enjoy your time at the hotel without annoying the owners. You don’t want to be notorious among your friends for getting blacklisted or even cleaning north London of its hotels. Respect others and your surroundings and you can’t go far wrong. Got any more tips on getting blacklisted from a hotel? Post them below!

Julia Molloy is a blogger with a passion for creative writing, particularly book reviews and short stories. She writes for Evo Cleaning Services.

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