What better way to bond than a father and son fishing trip?

There’s no doubt about it – boys need to bond with their fathers, and they will relish any chance to do so. If you are a father and you’re looking for interesting things to do with your son, there’s no better way to do it than to go on a fishing trip. The adventure, the excitement and the adrenaline will be great for your relationship, and the peace and quiet you’ll find along the way will provide loads of time for a good old heart to heart. Boys really open up when they are out of their usual surroundings, so you may find you learn a lot more about your kin over a few days with a fishing rod.

Here’s what you need to get together in order to make it a fishing trip to remember:

A Tent and Camping Gear

Make a weekend of it and pack a tent and camping gear. You’ll need a tent to sleep in, and also a temporary pop-up canopy that will act as a shelter from the rain or the strong sun while you are fishing. Grab a couple of mattresses, some pillows and sleeping bags and you’re just about good to go. Don’t forget a gas stove, some tea bags and a few tins of food. You will be surprised how happy you both are eating beans out of a mess tin – it’s part of the adventure! Pack a lantern and a few candles so that you have some lighting once it gets dark.

The Fishing Gear

You’ll need a rod each, some line, some hooks and some bait. Depending on the sort of fishing you are doing this will vary, but get a tackle box to keep it all in. You’ll also need a bucket to keep your catch in, and a penknife for cutting line.


Think really carefully about clothing as you will be grateful for some layers if it gets chilly at night. Pack a few jumpers each and a few pairs of socks and trousers. You may end up getting wet so you’ll need a spare set of clothes or two. If you think you’ll get really wet then it’s probably a good idea to get set up with some waterproofs and wellies. Remember a hat, coat and gloves and you’re pretty much sorted!

When You’re There

Your son will be getting more and more excited, so when you arrive make sure you celebrate – if he’s old enough perhaps you could have a beer together? Get some serious fishing done first while you acclimatise to your surroundings, and then when it gets dark, down tools and have some food. You’ll find that the conversation flows, especially if you have some big catches to chat about! Take the time to listen to what he has to say and really make the most of the time you have together with no distractions – it’s precious. Turn off your mobile phone!

A fishing trip is a wonderful way to spend time with your boy, away from all the stresses and strains of everyday life. Make it count!

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