Booking a holiday with a difference

The chance to clear your schedule for a week or two and exchange the typical surroundings that you experience each day for something fresh and new is likely to be particularly tempting. There is most definitely a special and unique feeling that comes with going on holiday, no matter how many times you may have been in the past. It provides the time and setting needed to recharge your batteries and to have as much fun as you desire.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to choosing where to go and what to do on your holiday and although it is likely to depend heavily on the age you are and the type of people who will be coming along, it really is up to you what you choose. Holidays sunbathing and going out to bars at night have their own appeal and there is never a lack of people sampling this option. If however you are looking for something a bit different and a holiday with an added extra then numerous opportunities lie before you.

Get out on the slope

Whether you have experience of skiing or if it is to be your very first experience of the slope it can be a great way to spend your vacation. There are some absolutely incredible ski resorts dotted around Europe and other parts of the world and even if you are not a hugely committed skier you cannot fail to appreciate the natural beauty that these surroundings provide. A lot of choice is out there with a ski trip, in terms of the dynamics of the holiday as well as the specific setting you will be venturing to. You can go by yourself, with a friend or partner, or with your family, and the backdrop of the French Alps is a sublime example of an ideal destination to choose.

Tackle the waves

Water sports are very popular with those looking for something beyond the norm on their trip away and again there is much to choose from. Everyone is aware of surfing and many unforgettable holidays have been spent at top surf spots around the globe but the other water sports have grown immeasurably in modern times. There are so many package deals that now incorporate the likes of jet skiing, kitesurfing, wakeboarding and windsurfing into the holiday and these activities are very beneficial in a fitness sense as well as being highly enjoyable once you start to get into it.

Take on a triathlon or marathon

One of the unmistakeable qualities of running and other sporting activities is how addictive they tend to be once you begin to do them regularly. The local area and your gym may not provide you with enough of a challenge so the idea of taking part in a triathlon or marathon in a separate country may be just what you are looking for. You can base a holiday around the main event and this will ensure it is anything but a run-of-the-mill vacation.

Explore new territory

Some people have what could be considered different definitions from the usual of what constitutes a holiday. For some, the chance to set out on an explorative voyage is exactly what they have in mind and there are sites around the world to satisfy this need. Machu Picchu in Peru is a very special example of this so if you have always wanted an expedition to take the breath away then start looking into the possibility today.

  • Rob Kirsten enjoys the thrill of new surroundings and challenges when he ventures abroad and he loved the break he spent based at a ski chalet France with Alps Accommodation.

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