What to look for in business accommodation

Travelling is an exciting and exhilarating experience but the choices you make during your booking can affect the amount of enjoyment you derive from the trip. For those travelling for business, you may feel that the choices you make are less important than where leisure travel is concerned but this couldn’t be further from the case.

Business travellers are often pre-occupied with itineraries and plans which they have for their destination but this doesn’t mean they should neglect their choice of accommodation. Whilst hotels may be the first option which springs to mind, there are plenty of alternatives available for you to choose from – and you may just find they cater to your needs much better than a standard hotel.
To help you make the right decision, here are a few things you should always look for in business accommodation.

Key location

Business accommodation is almost always set up to support the work you have to complete during your trip but what about location? Just because you’re travelling for business doesn’t mean you won’t want to explore the local area so where your accommodation is situated is vastly important.

If you’re planning on attending any meetings then close proximity to the venues for these is obviously going to be high on the list of priorities but what about tourist attractions and wider travel? Making sure you’re in a key location will enhance every aspect of your trip so make your decision wisely. In vibrant areas like London you can afford to stay a little further from the centre of the action as the Tube network provides easy access to surrounding boroughs.


As mentioned above, services such as free Wi-Fi and access to phones are common in business accommodation but what else should you look for? Parking is always a beneficial feature, especially if you’re able to reserve a space. This way you can make sure you’re able to travel as and when you need to whilst keeping your vehicle safe and secure when not in use.

Additionally, self contained cooking facilities can help keep your business expenses down when it comes to eating but are also ideal for those planning an extended trip or who have special dietary requirements which are better suited to home cooking. Take a look at the appliances provided in these rooms to make sure they’re suitable for your needs.

Additionally, you may like to look for accommodation which has its own reception or living area – perfect if you’re planning on entertaining clients or business associates as well as providing you with a designated space to relax in.

Compromise without sacrifice

Finding something perfect can be difficult and you may find you want to take certain features of different accommodation types and put them together. Firms like Supercity Aparthotels offer serviced apartments (also called apart-hotels) which are an ideal option for travellers looking for a home-from-home experience.

With all the privacy of individual apartments and the conveniences of hotels wrapped up in one package, these accommodation options are a perfect compromise that give you everything you need without making sacrifices.

This guest post has been compiled by Simon Colley of Supercity Aparthotels, Simon enjoys nothing more than the satisfaction of finding hidden gems to stay in when he travels away on business.

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