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There is a major difference between traveling for business and pleasure. Traveling for pleasure means you do not mind waiting an extra minute in queues or not having hotel access to the internet, as your trip is about relaxing and site-seeing. However, for a business person, this trip is not about pleasure, but rather about closing a deal or building client relationships, and in the world of business time wasted is money wasted.

In order not to waste your time and money, you need to find the right hotel to suit your needs. Here are six things that you need to look for when booking a hotel room:

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Complimentary Wi-Fi Access

There should be strong internet access available in-room and accessible throughout the hotel. A business hotel cannot claim to cater for business persons if they are not able to provide guests with internet access. After all, you are spending money to stay in the hotel, they should provide you with 24/7 access to free internet services.

A Multitude of Plugs and Adapters

When traveling overseas, not all plugs fit into the wall sockets. After all, you travel with a laptop, cell phone, camera, tablet and other devices that need to be fully charged and ready to use at all time. Ensure that the hotel you book with is able to accommodate your plugs and adapters needs.

Free Local Calls

While they do not have to provide you with free international phone calls, the hotel should be able to provide you with free local calls to business partners and clients. The entire point of staying in a business hotel is for the convenience of the stay, ensure that you find a hotel that does not over-charge you on local calls.

Pleasant and Attentive Staff Members

If you ask for a 5:50am wake-up call, you should not be woken up at 6am. You should never have to wait for transport and they should have the answer to all general questions. Ensure that you find a hotel with well-trained staff members, otherwise your trip will just become on big frustration and leave you wasting time waiting for taxi’s or finding out how to book the board rooms.

 A 24-Hour Fitness Center

Working long and odd hours will really mess with your routine. Taking a break to slip into the pool, hit the weights or go for a run on the treadmill should not be limited to office hours. Ensure that you book at a hotel that offers all day gym facilities. Otherwise, you will drive yourself crazy not being able to relax and take a break from work at least once a day.

Access to Hotel Boardroom

Ensure that your hotel has access to a boardroom or meeting room. From time to time, you will need to entertain guests or holding meetings and nothing is worse than having to pitch a new idea or concept in the middle of a crowded coffee shop. Ensure that the hotel rooms available will all the necessary equipment to hold formal meetings.

Remember, a business hotel is not the same as a vacation hotel. Ensure that the hotel has these six features readily available and are able to assist you in the areas you need.

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I am Greg Jones, a business person and frequent traveller. The first thing that I ask when booking into a business hotel is: do they have a corporate conference room; this answer either moves me along to the following questions: available internet access, adapters and gym, or if they do not have a conference room, I put the phone down.

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