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Car hire is a big industry and is a service that can come in handy in a lot of situations. People that don’t own a car rely on car hire to help them get around whilst others may use it to help them move house, enhance their holiday experience or spend a few days driving the car of their dreams.

However, not all car hire companies are created equal and so you may want to look into hiring from a firm that offers more for your money.

So the next time you need to hire a vehicle think about these added extras and look for a company that will offer you a superior service.

A Service That Comes To You 

Sometimes you may not have time in your busy schedule to make your way to the hire firm’s office in order to pick up your car, but some companies will happily bring the vehicle to you. Alternatively, you may have no way of getting to them or don’t want to leave your own vehicle there once you have picked up your rental.

In any of these situations, a service that comes to you will be greatly appreciated. You may want to look into how much notice you need to give for this service and how far the company is willing to travel to drop off your hire car.

A Time That Suits You 

Car hire firms are usually open longer than the standard 9-5 working hours but that still doesn’t mean you will always be able to collect or drop your vehicle off within these times. Therefore if you can find a company that is happy to make special arrangements for you to do this outside of their working hours it will be a great help and may mean that you avoid any late fees or other additional charges.

A One Way Ticket 

Sometimes you may only require your hired vehicle for a one-way journey. This could be if you are travelling to an airport or to somewhere else where you will then be using a different from of transport. This could obviously cause a problem because you won’t be able to drop the car off at the place you collected it from but there is a solution.

Some companies will charge you a little bit extra and then allow you to drop the car off at another one of their branches or even anywhere else within the country. The extra charge is merely so that they can then make arrangements for someone to go and collect the car.

A Continental Drive 

Hiring a vehicle when you go on holiday can mean that you are able to explore more of your destination as well as being able to do things on your own terms. However, you may find it easier to hire the car in this country and drive the whole journey rather than making other travel arrangements and then hiring once you get there.

In this instance you will need to make sure that the rental company you choose to hire from will allow you to take their vehicle abroad. Doing this may also mean that you have more space for your belongings and avoid those pesky airline luggage restrictions.

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