How car rental will give you the holiday you want

Most people like to go on holiday, whether it is a weekend break in a nearby city, or a two week holiday abroad, some people even opt to travel around the whole world, making stops in several countries, and cities within them. The concept of driving while away from home is foreign to some. Some people assume that their only option is taxis, buses, or trains, the concept can be daunting, especially where there may be language barriers, and other worrying contributing factors.

Although people may not be able to take their cars away with them, that does not mean they can’t drive whilst away. Public transport is not for everyone. The safety of controlling the wheel, planning suitable stops, and being able to take any route desired, are just a few of many reasons as to why people find extra security in hiring cars on their travels.

Types of Car Hire

Availability of car hire may vary, some businesses allow people to rent by the day, or for a specific number of days, others rent cars out by the week. Other variations may apply, for example, the type of car, pick-up and drop-off locations, and financial offers such as free insurance, or free days of rental when purchased for a certain amount of time, such as two free days for rental of two weeks. The likes of Transfercar offer free insurance and free ferry transfer on most of their vehicles, solving the problem of costly insurance charges specified on Devhub. Some car rental businesses also offer the option for one way rental.

The Benefits of Car Hire

Superpages highlights the benefit of renting cars allowing people to choose a vehicle to suit the number of people travelling that can often be anything from a four seated car, to a ten seated minivan. Driving, as oppose to public transport is a great choice for families who are partial to a car game or two. For those who have the option of using their own vehicles, renting saves any potential wear and tear that may occur on their own car, and of course, it keeps the mileage of personal vehicles down.

Preparing to Rent a Car

Before planning to rent a car, be sure about any conditions that may apply. The age of driving legally may vary depending on a country. No matter what, someone renting a car will be required to be the legal age or older, and proof of identity and age will be necessary. Proof of the ability to drive is also necessary, that being full-driving license, and in some cases, the paper counter-part of the license also. Many car rental businesses will only accept credit cards. Additionally, when retuning a car, there may be limitations as to time and days. Outside of these limitations, charges may apply.

Although renting a car enables people to save wear and tear on their own vehicles, that is not to say that rented cars should not be taken care of and respected. As expected, most car rental businesses require people to sign insurance waivers for any damage that may occur during the time of rental. It is a good idea to be aware of any congestion charges, road tax charges, and other small additional fees that may apply within certain locations.

Make the most out of your travels by doing it safely, flexibly, and enjoyably.

  • Gabe Saunders is a tourism expert who is passionate about the freedom car rental can bring to travelers of all ages. Gabe was once a public transport person, but soon realized the world of possibilities that car rental could bring to him and his family.

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