Celebrate Life SA dispatches 10 hikers to climb Mount Meru (Tanzania) for charity

Celebrate Life SA, a non-profit organization established with the purpose of creating awareness and facilitating support across society to alleviate human and environmental suffering, has put together another initiative to raise funds for their worthwhile causes; which include the rhino, elephant, lion as well as vulture.  This time, ten women, will be making their way up to Mount Meru in Tanzania.

It’s coincidental that this challenge, inspired by passion is taking place on the 26th of February 2014, the month of love! These caring individuals have pooled their talents to raise awareness and funds for some of the concerns that face our planet.

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Mount Meru is located in Arusha, Tanzania, with a height of 4546m, it is also known as the 9th biggest mountain in Africa. These motivated women are eager to face this challenge with determination and the anticipation to persevere.  They are hoping to make this a success like all other projects that Celebrate Life has been involved with.

Cherry Armstrong the founder of Celebrate Life says “These ladies are from different industries but their personal commitments illustrate that they all have one common goal which is to complete the Mount Meru challenge and raise funds for our projects.” She continues to say “There’s nothing more fulfilling than to know that you have celebrated life by making your contribution on issues that affect our planet.”

For more information, please contact Cherry on +27 82 440 1730 or Email cherry@celebratelifesa.org

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