Chauffeur versus taxi

When it comes to airport runs and so forth, you might wonder why you would ever pay for a chauffeur driven car over a conventional taxi. Surely they’re much the same thing? You’re in a car being driven from point A to point B, only you will typically pay less for a taxi, so why would you opt for a chauffeur?

There are a few reasons. Taxis are suitable for many journeys, but if there are special considerations or you need to impress someone, a chauffeur driven car is a far better option.

Welcoming visitors

One of the most common uses of chauffeur driven cars is when a company is hosting clients or business partners. Whether they are arriving at the airport or train station, you can really set things off on the right foot if you arrange for them to be met by their own chauffeur. This shows that they are valued and it also means they should arrive at your office a little more relaxed and amenable.

This is particularly useful at an airport, where finding transport can be somewhat tiresome. Rather than traipsing around in search of the taxi rank with all their bags, visitors will instead be met by a chauffeur. They don’t need to worry about where they are going or anything. It is all taken care of and the result is a swifter exit, which can prove valuable when time is valuable.

This personal touch is one of the greatest benefits of a chauffeur service over a taxi. Staff are typically hand-picked for their manner because the chauffeur is as important as the vehicle. They do more than just drive. They are a point of contact, a source of information and are always at their guests’ disposal.

Travel experience

Sitting in the back of a taxi is not unpleasant, but it’s dead time. You are basically just waiting to arrive at your destination. In contrast, a chauffeur driven car can be as relaxing or productive as you desire.

Many cars will offer Wi-Fi internet access, meaning you can work while you travel, perhaps doing last minute preparation for the meeting you are attending. You can also arrange to have drinks, newspapers, scented towels and the like, if you need to unwind after a long and tiring flight. These little touches can make all the difference.


When it comes to security, a chauffeur driven car is realistically your only option. Many firms work with governments and celebrities and have trained staff who know how to deal with any situation. This might include first aid and close protection or liaising with local police should that be necessary.


While taxis and chauffeur driven cars might at first glance appear to be fulfilling similar roles, the truth is that one offers far more than the other. On many occasions, there will be no real reason to pay extra for your own chauffeur, in which case a taxi will prove a perfectly adequate option. However, in some circumstances, a chauffeur driven car offers so much more.

  • Ian Metcalf’s firm needs to welcome some potential business partners next month and he is looking to use Claremont Executive to collect them from the airport.

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