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Safaris were once the preserve of the rich and only those with an interest in hunting would ever embark on such adventures. One hundred years later and the safari industry is thriving, with the main aim of saving the wildlife, rather than destroying it. It is possible to experience several different types of safari, depending if you value your life or not!Elephant

1] India – Tiger Safari

As tigers are an endangered species, a tiger safari is something astonishing to experience. Visitors to this part of the world can look forward to seeing some of the majestic tigers roaming freely in the wild. A typical tiger safari requires visitors to travel to two national parks, embarking on the trip either on elephant back or by jeep. Most tiger tours start from Delhi, India’s capital and end there. The park rangers begin tracking these magnificent beasts before you have had your breakfast; the tracking process is crucial to the success of the sighting. As well as tiger sightings, this part of the world can also offer the chance to see exotic Indian birds, wild dogs and marsh deer.


2] Tanzania – Saadani National Park

Saadani National Park is a great place to go on safari. The Big Five are here and make for a really memorable experience. There is very little else to compare walking past your first elephant, spying your first zebra and then , of course an encounter with a lion is something quite unforgettable. Typically, when touring the Park, armed (guided) rangers will lead the trip to the edge of the Wami River. Accommodation is varied but the chance to stay in a luxury safari tent is something not to be missed. Safaris are either done on foot or in a jeep. Driving to a watering hole at dusk is an almost surreal experience in Tanzania, due to the variety of species that it is possible to encounter.


3] Zambia – Canoe Safari

This unbelievable wildlife tour will let you be up close with crocodiles and hippos. Being on the river gives a whole new perspective as to how you view the animals. The Zambezi River is not without danger, however, and rapids of various severity , as well as a thriving hippo population make this type of safari not for the feint hearted. Hippo entering the water

4] Costa Rica – Tortuguero National Park

Central America can offer world class safaris with different animals to those found on the African continent. The Tortuguero National Park presents a wonderful natural setting to see the elusive jaguar, monkeys, and sloth, iguana and dart frogs. This national park is also a suitable place to go for horse riding, white-water rafting and hiking. Think about Costa Rica as a more tropical environment to view the wildlife and to enjoy different fauna.Monkey

5] Kenya – Ashnil Aruba Lodge

The recently opened Ashnil Aruba Lodge has been a happy stomping ground for cheetahs, lions and elephants for some time now. This wildlife lodge is in Tsavo East and provides an excellent opportunity for safari lovers to have an adventurous time. In addition to the wildlife and the exotic acacia trees that are present in the lodge, there is a host of well equipped and posh rooms and tents within its premises.


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However you choose to see spectacular wildlife in Africa , Asia or South America, it will be the trip of a lifetime.

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