Corporate housing trumps hotel stays

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Extended business trips can be exciting opportunities for both corporate and personal growth, but the initial enthusiasm you feel for a temporary relocation may be dampened by the thought of staying in yet another hotel. Hotels can be costly and cramped, not to mention the fact that the tiny complimentary bottles of shampoo and conditioner serve as a constant reminder that you are an outsider – a transient resident with no established roots in the community.

Fortunately, more and more corporations are forgoing extended stay hotel agreements in favor of a much better option – corporate housing. Corporate housing gives temporary relocation a whole new flavor and confers a number of advantages for employees.

The Many Benefits of Corporate Housing

  • Cost

The financial burden of extended stays is often paramount for corporations and their employees. Staying in corporate housing is typically much more economical than hotel options. Although exact rates can vary based on the location and desired length of stay, you will generally find that corporate housing runs between 40 and 60 dollars cheaper per day than hotel rates.

  • Space

Not only are you paying less for your accommodations, you’re also getting more bang for your buck in terms of usable living space. Many corporate housing options include a number of living spaces such as a kitchen, living room, bedroom, laundry room, and dining room. Instead of the standard hotel setup where the entire space is roughly lumped into one large room, corporate housing is organized like a real home with genuine separation between the rooms.

  • Lifestyle

While restaurant food and hotel room service can be both convenient and delicious, it is also undeniably not a healthy lifestyle choice over the long term. Corporate housing typically incorporates a full kitchen so that you can get ingredients from a local grocery store and prepare your own meals. Not only are home-cooked meals a healthier dietary option, they can also save you considerable sums of money that you would have spent on pricey restaurant or room service food.

  • Amenities

You need not be concerned about whether corporate housing will provide you with the same amenities you are accustomed to receiving at hotels such,Wifi internet access, and exercise facilities – corporate housing will supply all of that and more. You’ll be able to enjoy extra perks that you wouldn’t ordinarily find in a hotel, like private mailboxes and no-fee laundry rooms.

  • Comfort

Perhaps the most important factor that distinguishes corporate housing from its extended stay hotel counterparts is the level of comfort it affords its temporary residents. Corporate housing is designed specifically to serve as your home away from home and it possesses the look and feel of a comfortable, inviting residence. The roomy square footage, functional kitchen, and separate rooms all contribute to a comfortable and pleasant stay.

  • Company

An unpleasant side effect of business travel or temporary relocation is that you are often separated from family during the transition. Corporate housing allows you the freedom and flexibility to not only bring along your family members but also invite friends and guests over to visit. And if you have furry, four legged friends, you can usually keep them with you rather than confine them to a kennel.

While the debate over corporate housing versus extended stay hotels will likely continue in the business world, when you take into consideration all of the aforementioned benefits of corporate housing, it emerges as the clear winner.

  •  By Robb Lax of Arch Interim Housing, a company offering corporate and temporary housing solutions in St. Louis.

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