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This morning I took notice of a facebook status update by Crowne Plaza Johannesburg where they claimed to be one of the few hotels to be running an active blog. As a blogger myself, am always interested to find out how hotels extend their brand through blogging.

Premium Theme

It’s a good initiative that an established brand now embraces the blogsphere, browsing through the blog, I immediately noticed that their theme is powered by ElegentThemes – eNews template.

[/caption]No customisation has been done with the original theme to give it a unique feel marching brand Crowne Plaza…tweaking the theme wouldn’t break the bank and would give the blog a unique feel, without being identical to everyone using the same premium theme.

Also the hotel’s homepage makes no mention of the blog at all, through they have a news link which would make sense to integrate the two pages to avoid duplication of content.

Crowne Plaza Johannesburg Blog

the original premium theme by ElegantThemesCrowne Plaza Johannesburg website

Commenting Is Restricted

You can only contribute a comment to any of the published blog posts, by first signing-up…which discourages engagement with readers. Right now, it’s a one-way communication since readers will not sign-up to leave a comment. Running a blog has to be a two-way communication, so that your readers can engage with your content and respond where they feel they’ve value to add.

Mailing List Doesn’t Exist

Blog does not encourage readers to sign-up to an email newsletter in order to keep abreast of events, news taking place within the hotel. Growing a mailing list is very important for any blog to have a loyal following, considering that they’re so many blogs in the blogsphere, with a newsletter you’re able to remind your subscribers about your blog’s existence. Without a mailing list, many readers become once off visitors to your blog and quickly forget about it since they is no regular reminders to connect with them.

Social Media Cannot Replace Emails

Social media like facebook and twitter are important, however they cannot replace the traditional email. Tomorrow, they could die…meaning all your followers would be gone as well, however when you’ve your own email subscribers, you’re in total control, since even when your own blog is offline…you’ll still be able to communicate with them anytime.

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