Diaz Beach Hotel under liquidation

The liquidator of Mossel Bay’s Diaz Strand Hotel and Resort has decided to keep the property open, and it continues to run as usual.

The Hotel belongs to SD Commercial Holdings, which was placed under liquidation on the 11th of May. Danie Acker of Mossel Bay’s Rauch Gertenbach Attorneys has been appointed the liquidator.

“This is a very difficult time for the company, but we need to remind ourselves that the owner, Pieter van Niekerk, has made a remarkable contribution to Mossel Bay’s economy through his various developments in Diaz Beach,” said Mossel Bay Tourism board member, Councilor Petru Terblanche.

“The Hotel, its water world and heated indoor swimming pool, and hundreds of new apartments came on stream at a time when the economy demanded them.”

diaz beach hotel

He said, however, that the tourism industry in Mossel Bay should not be affected by the liquidation.

“The liquidator is managing the property, and all bookings will be honoured.

“As to the Hotel’s future, we know that some of the larger hospitality chains are currently on the acquisition trail in Southern Africa, and we hope that one of them decides to buy it. In the current tourism market, the big chains have a far larger chance of succeeding because they’ve already proven themselves to the tour operators – while for smaller operators, and single-hotel businesses, the proving process often takes as long as eighteen months or even three years.

“In theory, the chains can begin filling their beds on the day they open new properties in their own names.”

Banqueting manager, Ronnelie Stevens, said that the Diaz Strand Hotel is presently offering bead-and-breakfast accommodation at low winter  rates, and that most of the facilities are operating as normal.

“Our conferences and special events are also operating as normal, as are the Pirates Tower Cocktail Bar, Amelie’s Art Lounge, Catina Donna Bar and the Bahia Restaurant – and our Sunday lunch buffet continues to offer outstanding value for money.

“At the foyer-level, the coffee- and surf shops – which are managed by independent vendors – are open for business as normal, and we’re offering a 50% discount on everything in our extensive bookshop.”

Ms. Stevens said that a small conference room on the ground floor has been transformed into a cozy play area for children, and that Amelie’s Art Cafe has been equipped with comfortable sofas for watching live sports coverage.

“We’re also planning to launch exciting new menus at Amelie’s and at Pirates Tower in about two week’s time,” she said.

“Only the convenience grocery store and the Rosebud Restaurant are closed until further notice, while the indoor pool and lazy river at our Waterworld are currently closed for regular winter maintenance.”

Councillor Terblanche said that Mossel Bay’s tourism industry appears to have turned the corner.

“Our chief operations officer, Marcia Holm, has recently returned from the South African Tourism Indaba in Durban, where she found that most tour operators know about Mossel Bay, and see it as an important part of their Cape Town to Port Elizabeth itineraries.

“The indications are that we’ll be seeing more visitors from the East, but that our traditional source markets have not forgotten us.

“As far as foreign visitors go, our challenge now is to convince anyone who’s planning an itinerary – tour operators or independent travellers – to allocate at least two nights to Mossel Bay so that there’s enough time to relax and enjoy our beaches during their tours,” he said.

“For South African visitors, Mossel Bay continues to offer good value for money, easy access and great beach-going weather throughout the year.

“So for everyone, the fact that the Diaz Beach Hotel and Resort continues to operate as normal is good news indeed,” he said.

Author: Muzi Mohale

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