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Most of us have forgotten sunglasses or iPods in rental cars. Europcar, one of South Africa’s leading car rental companies gives you its top picks of 2012’s strangest things found in returned rental cars.

Going big at bachelors

Upon the return of an 8-seater in Gauteng, Europcar employees found some humorous paraphernalia which led them to the conclusion that the vehicle was possibly used for a bachelor party weekend. Needless to say that the messages left to the customer who’d rented the car in order to return their belongings went unreturned.

GI Joe… or could it have been GI Jane?

On two separate occasions in Gauteng and the Western Cape, a vehicle was being taken to refuel and as the Europcar employee applied brakes, a grenade rolled out from under the seat, luckily, nothing went ‘boom’! In the customers defence though, the car had been rented by a ‘personal protection agency’.  In Cape Town, guns were found in the cubby hole of a car when it was being cleaned.

Animal transport

In KZN, a pile of goat droppings was found in the boot of a car. ”We’re not sure if there was an actual goat in the boot or if the goat droppings were there for good luck”.  And perhaps the most bizarre and frightening was a snake that was found crawled up under the bonnet of a car. Having to call out the SPCA to remove the snake was quite an experience for the team.

Some of the most common items found in returned cars, across all provinces is camera’s, ID documents, passports, sunglasses, watches, underwear, empty bottles and shoes.   South Africans really seem to enjoy their chicken as chicken bones are a common find.

“We’ve had some crazy finds at our depots and for the most part, don’t get surprised as we’ve seen just about everything. Our appreciation goes out to our hard-working and pedantic employees that ensure the vehicles are spotless for the next customer,” says George Corbett, Operations Director.

As a part of Europcar’s return policy, the company does not take responsibility for items left behind in vehicles but endeavours to contact customers and advise them of any items left behind to arrange for their collection.

Besides Europcar’s water recycling facilities at main depots, they also separate and recycle consumer waste removed from the vehicles, including paper, plastic, glass, tin and organic/bio-degradable items. This amounts to the majority of waste in the depots.

Europcar has an array of mobility solutions to choose including car rental, chauffeur and transfer services, coach hire and van rental.

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