Dr Malinga powers Sho’t Left campaign

I love Dr Malinga…his artistic moves are exclusively unique to him. To those not family with Dr Malinga…he is one of the popular dance musicians in South Africa.

The best word that could describe his dance moves is acrobatics. Now South African Tourism has capitilized on his popularity to launch a promotional video “Via Mzansi” to highlight the different offerings available for locals to explore their own country.

The remake of 80’s hit song, Via Orlando…which Dr Malinga has managed to spiced up in line with the modern trends of social media and all things fashionable, has been reworked again for the purposes of the Sho’t Left campaign.

I think South African Tourism has been smart to capture the attention of locals…especially black South Africans who identify with the artist and many of whom don’t travel much exploring South Africa. My verdict is that the campaign will get noticed and hopefully that will translate to more people travelling as per the highlights on the video clip (above).


Author: Muzi Mohale

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