Why is driving the best option on holiday?

When we head off on holiday, we make many considerations.  One aspect that we often don’t consider is getting around the resort once we have arrived there, thinking that we’ll sit around the pool for two weeks or that the beach is only 100 metres away.

Upon arrival, however, it soon becomes clear that we would like to get out and about on at least a couple of days of our holiday, only now it is perhaps more difficult to organize.

We decided to explore why driving, specifically, is the best option for travelling while on holiday.

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Driving Holiday Independence

Exploring a resort is one of the most exciting elements of a holiday, and there is no question that a car is your tool of choice for the best experience.

With a car, you get a level of independence that you don’t get with any other method of transport. Public buses or trains can be useful, but the big problem with them is that they tend only to go to the main tourist centres around the resort. This often means you cannot discover the best ‘hidden’ locations. After all, why would a bus service head off the beaten track when they can make enough money servicing the main road?

Your other options in this case would be a taxi, but if you don’t speak the language or know the local rates or etiquette customs, you could be asking for trouble.

When you next book a holiday, book a car rental in advance, even for only a couple of days, and have the independence of travelling wherever you wish.

Excursions are (Generally) Awful

It doesn’t matter where you go or with which holiday company you book with, in resort excursions are among the most painful and excruciating experiences you can endure. Whether this is the stereotypical ‘booze cruise’ or a trip on a stuffy coach where the air conditioning is broken to a place a three-hour drive away, they often just don’t bear thinking about.

If ever there was a reason to hire a car during a holiday, this is the reason for it. Just envisage yourself dozing peacefully on the coach before you hear the high-pitched feedback of the rep’s microphone before they tell you something you really didn’t want to know. Then think about your comfortable, air-conditioned car with your iPod plugged into the speakers. Bliss.

It’s Cheaper Than You Thought

The old school of holiday travellers are stuck in the world where they think everything in a resort costs a fortune.

However, around the world a lot of costs are actually coming down, and car rental is one of them. Even if you decide not to head out on a certain day or take advantage of your full booking, you won’t have spent as much as you would have done booking an excursion that you didn’t want to go on, for example.

When heading on holiday, the car really is your only option if you want independence, comfort, and the feeling you’re getting value for money.

Rob is a tourism writer passionate about the whole industry, specifically around how holidaymakers can enjoy the best holiday experiences. Rob frequently looks at car rental in Australia and other countries, analyzing how this market opens up new opportunities for travellers.

Author: Staff Reporter

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