Why East3Route needs a website, East3Route.com is perfect

UPDATE 17/10/13 – I eat my humble pie and admit to defeat…just discovered that East2Route actually has a website, the below photograph revealed the truth.
Web address www.east3route.co.za Twitter east3route1 Facebook profile

The East3Route initiative was initiated by former President Nelson Mandela (South Africa), King Mswati III (Swaziland) and former President Joaquim Chissano (Mozambique) in 1998. They wanted a platform for promoting eco-tourism development, showcasing existing blend of cultural and historical heritage.

2011 saw the official launch of the journey where journalists, tourism stakeholders and trade from the respective countries participated in a 3 days expedition which started from KwaZulu-Natal at Isimangaliso Wetlands, then went off to Ponto D’ouro in Mozambique and ended at Ezulwini in Swaziland. I was fortunate enough to join the East3Route journey…though the experience of travelling 3 countries within 3 days was tiring. We spent too many hours on the road, than experiencing the various tourism products on offer.

Besides experiencing tourism products in the respective countries, a very important aspect that is also shared is the investment seminar where all the countries highlight their tourism investment opportunities. This affords prospective investors from all participating countries to explore investment opportunities that they would have otherwise have not known about.


In 2013 East3Route marked a milestone by accepting a new member country into the grouping…now Seychelles is part of East3Route. The 3rd edition is currently underway (13-19 October) where journalists, tourism stakeholders, trade and celebrities are exploring tourism products between Mozambique, Swaziland and KwaZulu-Natal. Since the new member, Seychelles is an Island, a trip to that country will be done separately as opposed to the normal road trip convoy involving the 3 original countries.

Not sure what the current status quo is now…however during the launch event, KwaZulu-Natal was funding the overall bill for everything. Hope the other countries are now also contributing to the kitty since this is a joint effort in promoting tourism within the three countries.

Considering that this initiative  now involves four countries, it makes no sense to me that a dedicated website about East3Route doesn’t exist. Right now each country documents their own data on their respective websites, yet a central website shared by all countries would be ideal, after-all East3Route is about sharing marketing resources.

What East3Route website, would achieve includes:

  1. Profiling tourism products used during the tour.
  2. Profiling tourism entrepreneurs behind the tourism products
  3. Publishing all East3Route news
  4. Building a central email mailing list for current and prospective East3Route participants
  5. Publishing investment opportunities through the investment seminars
  6. Publishing all media formats such as video, audio, photograph and text.
  7. Creating dedicated social media profiles
  8. Recording all media exposure derived from hosting media

This could be outsourced or managed in-house in any of the participating countries. But at the end of the day, a central point of contact would have been created where prospective investors, journalists and related enquiries could be directed. Right now its very difficult trying to get hold of the East3Route office…

I own the domain name www.east3route.com and accepting offers.

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