Elephant crashed vehicle at Kruger was ours – First Car Rental

The vehicle involved in the recent elephant incident at the Kruger National Park was a rental and it belonged to First Car Rental.

The couple were driving in the southern part of the Kruger National Park along the N’waswitshaka Waterhole, south of the Phabeni tar road.

They spotted an elephant bull and followed it at what they say they thought was a safe following distance – around 30 to 40 metres – and took a video of the animal as it ambled along.


According to the renter, ‘the bull suddenly turned around, walked rapidly towards them and they decided the best option was to remain stationary”.

The couple said that they only started moving the vehicle away when the elephant broke into a full charge, but it was too late. The bull started attacking the vehicle and flipped it over about 20 metres into thick bush.

Elephant are the Earths largest land mammal and should always be treated with extreme respect. Although they have poor eyesight, they have excellent hearing and sense of smell.

Elephant can be found in diverse habitat types and if they feel threatened or under pressure, they will most often seek refuge in thick vegetation.

Bull elephant are far more tolerant towards human than cow elephant. However, bulls are known to frequently “dummy charge” or demonstrate, and one should consider this as a warning.

The vehicle is a write-off, the elephant was euthenased by SANPark rangers following the incident and there were injuries to the couple.

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Author: Muzi Mohale

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