Facebook like, how do tourism authorities fare?

Facebook is hugely popular in South Africa and many tourism products have embraced it while trying to promote their brands and communicate with a large captive market. According to SocialBakers.com there are 4,804,300 Facebook users (am part of that figure) in South Africa, which makes it #31 in the ranking of all Facebook statistics by Country. Interestingly we’re ahead of Nigeria which is currently sitting at # 38 (4,196,240 users) which has a large internet penetration compared to South Africa.

To those not familiar with how facebook work, if I “LIKE” a person or group on facebook, their status update feed will then become available on my own profile…meaning am now monitoring their facebook activities. Should it happen that I’m attracted to any of their updates, I can then give feedback or take action accordingly.

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A typical example, last week friday, a friend that I follow on facebook, posted an update to say Thandiswa Mazwai would be performing at ProMusica Theatre in Roodepoort that evening. Up until I came across that update, I wasn’t aware of that gig, then I was able to book myself and wife tickets to the show which we thoroughly enjoyed.

So with all that background information, let’s find out how our provincial tourism authorities fare, in terms of their active participation and interaction with facebookers…

1. Cape Town Routes Unlimited (recently absorbed into WESGRO) (4,178 likes)

2. Gauteng Tourism Authority (2,336 likes)

3. Limpopo Tourism (771 likes)

4. Mpumalanga Tourism & Parks Agency (736 likes)

5. Eastern Cape Parks & Tourism Agency (372 likes)

6. Free State Tourism (116 likes)

7. Northern Cape Tourism (89 likes)

8. Tourism KwaZulu-Natal (75 likes)

9. North West Tourism (13 likes)


Clearly from the figures above, it shows that all provincial tourism authorities are not actively engaging with facebook users. The leading entity has only 4,178 followers when there is over 4 million facebookers? All of them have communication/marketing budgets, therefore cannot cry foul and claim they’ve limited resources. If Cape Town Tourism can successfully have over 250,000 followers, surely provincial tourism authorities have to consult with Cape Town Tourism to find out what is their winning formula…

Author: Muzi Mohale

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