Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife rejects corruption, fraud reports

Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife has expressed its concerns about the statements of financial mismanagement and its lack of oversight. It further indicated that such statements pay little attention to the efforts being made towards general compliance within the organisation as well as the overall transparency with which Ezemvelo has conducted its financial affairs.

“The timing of Scopa’s announcement on Friday tended to overlook Ezemvelo’s open and constructive engagements with Treasury and the fact that both the Board and the executive management had long since been familiar with the report’s content.” said Dr Bandile Mkhize, CEO of Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife

He further stated that “the commentary on our financial position is rather surprising. After all, we sat with the Finance Portfolio Committee about two months ago and explained our challenges and they completely agreed with the path we want to tread towards resolving these issues.”

Ezamvelo KZN Wildlife logo

Ezamvelo KZN Wildlife logo

While welcoming any assistance that the Provincial Treasury can play, Dr Mkhize noted that it was important that the public understood that these financial challenges are in no way related to corruption, fraud or misallocation of resources as some of these statements might have insinuated so; It is more a case of the correct valuation of our fixed assets and redressing clumsy or inadequate reporting systems.

“The lack of progress in certain matters had much to do with the resignation of the last Chief Financial Officer earlier this year and the delays in migrating Ezemvelo’s data capture software from Excel to SAP.” said Dr Mkhize

Ezemvelo has also made three new  senior appointments in recent months; a Chief Operating Officer (COO), a Chief Financial Officer (CFO), a Chief Information Officer (CIO) as well as a Contracts Manager. These all demonstrate the organisation’s willingness to get on top of matters.

Dr Mkhize said that he will welcome any form of assistance to rectify and mitigate the current challenges that the organisation is facing.

Earlier this year Ezemvelo had requested Treasury to carry out an assessment of their Supply Chain Management (Procurement) division. In addition, Treasury had also carried out a valuation exercise of buildings at key resorts in order to correctly value them in their fixed asset register. This also applied to Treasury assisting the Infrastructure Unit to help compile an improved asset register and a better maintenance plan.

“Soon after the finalisation of the 2012/13 audit we drew up a detailed action plan to address all the audit issues raised. Both the Auditor General and the Audit Committee were satisfied with these. We are also undertaking a two-day workshop in December with the Treasury.” concluded Dr Mkhize.

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