How to find quality hotel furniture

Designing and decorating a hotel requires a large amount of work and planning. It is not always easy to create a consistent theme that is carried across every room and public area. Furniture is a key element that helps to define many parts of the hotel experience for guests. Quality hotel furniture defines the aesthetic experience in a room as well as the level of comfort while sleeping, dining and relaxing. There are several points to consider when choosing quality furniture for a hotel.


An indicator of quality furniture in any venue is comfort. A chair that is not comfortable was likely designed to be inexpensive or to be nothing more than a decoration in a room. Many of the guests who pass through a hotel will want to use the different pieces of furniture in each room and common area.

It is not always easy to determine the comfort of a chair or couch although it is usually very easy to tell if a piece is uncomfortable. Sharp angles, no cushioning and narrow seats are usually indicators of a piece of furniture that guests will not enjoy.


The hallmark of quality hotel furniture is durability. Durability comes from two separate components. The first is the material used to create the piece. The highest quality pieces are normally made from traditional materials like heavy wood. Some modern furniture made from aluminum is also very strong and will last for years. The other component that contributes to durability is construction. It is easy to nail or glue blocks together to produce a table. Quality furniture will use construction techniques that create solid joints and level surfaces.

Hotel Furniture Easy Maintenance

Although the design and construction of quality furniture might be complex, the best pieces are easy to maintain. Hotel rooms need to be cleaned on a daily basis. The furniture in a guest room, dining room or lobby will take abuse from guests over time. A piece of furniture with an exotic finish or overly fragile decorative elements will quickly become difficult to maintain. The same is true about pieces that use delicate fabrics that cannot be washed normally. Quality furniture provides a balance between style, functionality and convenience.

Hotel Furniture Style

It is easy to find simple and blocky pieces of furniture that have no notable features or decorative elements. These pieces create hotels that are generic and forgettable. Quality hotel furniture should have some sense of style. This could mean furniture made in one of the traditional styles such as modern or art deco. It could also mean furniture that matches the architectural styling inside of the building. Furniture that has a sense of style will brighten any room and will provide guests with a memorable experience during a stay.


An important consideration for any hotel purchasing furniture should be the availability of the pieces. A hotel might need to replace a dozen chairs and tables over the course of a single year. Guests and employees could cause stains and damage to furniture that cannot be repaired. The furniture supplier should have a sufficient inventory of the items so that replacements are available when needed.

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