No flight schedule disruptions – SAA

The National Transport Movement (NTM) served a notice to South African Airways (SAA) for strike action on Friday 11 January 2013. SAA met with NTM at the CCMA on 14, 15, 18 and 27 December 2012 to conclude the verification process that would allow the union to be recognised in the airline. The CCMA Commissioner’s report was made available to SAA on 31 December 2012 where the following was highlighted:

*The Commissioner confirmed in his report that the union has 1, 111 members and needed to have 1, 220 to meet 30% of 4, 065 employees who are part of the bargaining unit. This therefore confirmed that NTM failed to meet the 30% threshold. This is why the NTM remains unrecognised at SAA.*

SAA would like to assure all its customers that there have been absolutely no disruptions to the flight schedule and that operations continue as per normal. The airline is committed to business-continuity and has activated a contingency plan to avoid any unnecessary inconvenience to our customers.

Author: Muzi Mohale

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