FlySafair unleashes tv commercial

When it comes to launching a new product, the advertising campaign can be just as important as the overall offering on hand. This is why new low-cost carrier, FlySafair, recently launched their advertising campaign, reflecting its tagline, “For the love of flying”.

“When you consider that in a day we’re likely to be exposed to approximately 3,500 marketing messages, it stands to reason that brands need to create campaigns that are out of the ordinary. As a unique brand, we knew that our advertising campaign had to be as distinctive as the colour of our logo and as impressive as the service we’ve been offering for the past 48 years,” says Lorna Terblanche, VP Passenger Services of FlySafair.

As the holding company of South Africa’s newest low-cost carrier, Safair has a rich history on which to draw from when it comes to communicating their, and subsequently, FlySafair’s love of flying.

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After all, Safair has flown beleaguered rhinos from one African country to another, transported White Sharks in giant water tanks from the Philippines to Australia, and carried scientists and adventurers to Antarctica. As a leading aerial logistics company in Africa, Safair carries freight around the world, flies in teams of people where ever and whenever they are needed and supplies backup planes to other South African commercial airlines.

As part of Safair’s latest aviation adventure, its low-cost carrier, FlySafair was recently born.

FlySafair’s positioning was built on five pillars, which firstly includes safety as it is non-negotiable and will always be the airline’s top priority.  The second pillar is based on affordable fares, which is a given in the low-cost airline market, while the third is utilising leading technology to make the interface between the airline and passengers seamless. Naturally, its fourth pillar is high adventure because of Safair’s almost five decades of flying and, lastly, good old-fashioned manners and a genuine friendliness, which is evident right across the company.

“In order to break through the marketing clutter, we chose to emphasise different messages across various media platforms that highlight the airline’s tagline: For the love of flying,” adds Janita Edwards, Managing Partner of Co-Op, FlySafair’s Marketing and Brand partner. “For example, our television adverts illustrate normally inanimate birds remembering their love of flying and taking off and flying away. Other media such as outdoor billboards have steered towards more educational messages such as how to book, and the fact that FlySafair’s focus is the Johannesburg – Cape Town route, for now…”

Print and street activations will follow once the airline is fully operational and will focus on key campaigns, with the end goal of driving people back to the website, where passengers can book and pay for their flights.

A large portion of the media budget will be spent in the digital realm with comprehensive campaigns using Google Paid Search and Display, targeted publishers and social channels.  After all, research shows that the majority of bookings are made online.

In further celebration of their tagline, FlySafair has also launched a campaign where a few lucky members of the public will stand a once in a lifetime chance of naming one of FlySafair’s Boeing 737-400s. Even better is that anyone can enter, whether they’ve purchased a FlySafair ticket or not. People are encouraged to enter online at to potentially have an aircraft named after them.

“The launch of FlySafair has been welcomed by the flying public and we’ve had fantastic feedback from customers via our social media platforms and even via our call centre. Judging by the positive response we’ve received on our entry into the market and from our advertising and social media campaigns, South Africa is clearly ready for a new alternate domestic carrier to ensure more competition and reduced pricing.

“We have no doubt that our communications and creative campaigns will go a long way in further cementing our entrance into the market,” concludes Terblanche.

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