Keep the fun train rolling with a stress-free vacation

With the number of hours you work in a typical work week, it’s no wonder when it’s time to take that much-needed vacation that everything seems a bit hectic. You’re so used to your daily routine and weekly schedule and then suddenly, you have the opportunity to do anything you want. You may find yourself questioning what that type of freedom even means.

No matter what your definition of ‘fun’ may be, there are many ways you can leave the stress behind and get lost in your upcoming trip. While we cannot promise absolutely zero stress, what we can do is give you a few helpful tips to make your transition from work-mode to vacation-mode a smooth one.

Start Getting Excited: Create a Game Plan

One of the best things about any upcoming event is the anticipation. Knowing there is a break in your routine on the way can help keep motivation high and productivity soaring. In order to get your vacation off to a great start, give yourself a few weeks or as much as a few months to prepare. This may mean putting aside money for the trip, finding the perfect hotel and transportation and pinpointing local events you’re interested in. It never hurts to have back up plans in case plans need to be changed.

As the days close in on your big departure, your stress will quickly turn into excitement as your realize just how close you are to that beach you’ve been dreaming of or that amusement park you and the family have been dying to see in person. Even if you don’t realize it yet, a break is going to do wonders for the entire family.

Leave Work Behind

As tough as it can be, in order to truly have a great time away from work you have to leave work at work and not bring it along with you during your vacation. If there are projects that need to be completed or tasks that require your attention, see if you can’t get them out of the way before your departure. If possible, find someone else to take over so you can get a real break.

Being on vacation with a phone that won’t quit ringing makes it next to impossible to feel as though you’re having any real time off. No matter how much you love your job, it’s always good to get some time away even if you can only muster up the courage to turn your phone off for a single day. Especially during a family vacation, it’s important to have interrupted bonding time as you’re creating memories.

Have Someone Keep An Eye On Your Home

Being away from home can be intimidating especially if you’ve never done so before. To help you feel more at ease, contact a neighbor or trusted friend and have them grab your mail for you while you’re away. You may even want to have them turn on your lights as each day comes to an end so it looks as though someone is home. Only tell those who need to know that you are going to be away and if you plan on being out of town for an extended period of time, it never hurts to contact your local police department so as they’re doing their rounds they can keep a closer eye on your residence and contact you in the event of suspicious activity.

Start Each Day off with a Bang: Home Away from Home

Now that everything back home is taken care of, you can focus on your destination. Begin each day with a nutritious breakfast and bring snacks and plenty of fluids on the road with you. Buying while on the go can get quite expensive and running low on money isn’t exactly the best way to keep stress levels low and enjoy the rest of your stay.

If traveling with young children, treat each day as you would back home. Do your best to stick to their waking, napping and bedtime schedules. As each day passes, you’ll find yourself feeling more energized and ready to get out and take on the day. Once the time comes to head back to work, you’ll have a whole new perspective and a fresh outlook which will definitely come in handy. To stay on track until next year’s vacation, you might want to post photos from your trip in your office – you can never have too much inspiration. 

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