Go2Africa dot com 1999 vs 2016

South Africa was only six years past apartheid in 1999, meaning the tourism industry was still an infant. Former President Nelson Mandela’s term of office ended in 1999 with Thabo Mbeki becoming the second black state president.

South African Tourism was only 3 years old in 1999 and many attractions were yet to be developed or become popular. It’s actually the year Nambitha Restaurant in Soweto was launched second eatery after Wandies Place.
Mark Preyer founded Go2Africa.com which went live online in 1999, as a tour operator selling African travel packages to the rest of the world. Today’s blog post is dedicated to their journey on the world wide web…taking a closer look into their launch website compared to their present portal.

Go2Africa.com in 1999


As we can all imagine, a website during that period was a luxury that many businesses did not enjoy. To think that Go2Africa.com launched a business that would sell travel online in 1999 was highly ambitious. Many online tourism based businesses only launched after the dreaded y2k.

The homepage was text heavy and very minimal on photographs. It was clean and content of high quality, with less fluff even during that time…which is still the case today.

In 1999 websites were not responsive, therefore Go2Africa.com only occupied half the screen during that time and not the entire laptop screen as is the case today.

Go2Africa.com in 2016


17 years last the website is still clean and very professional with a high degree of photograph taking centre stage. It’s worth noting that when selling tourism products online, quality photographs is everything…people want to see before they make a decision on booking with you or not.

I’ve been a fan of Go2Africa.com for years because of their sleek website which continues to evolve with time and embrace innovation with easy. I salute their creative team for doing the stellar work behind the scenes to help profile African Travel to the world.

Author: Muzi Mohale

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