Helpful tips for your autumn family caravanning holiday

Depending on the weather, taking a vacation in the autumn can either feel like holidaying in the warm summer, or like holidaying in the depth of the cold winter. Unlike the milder months, there can be no guarantee for temperature or weather, so you will want to take a different approach to planning for your vacation, and ensure that you are equipped for a variety of weather possibilities.

Just because the weather may be changing, doesn’t mean that you are unable to have a brilliant family caravan holiday, it just means that you may need to adjust what you pack, and the activities you and your family do on your vacation. Planning your holiday has never been more important than when looking to take a mid-autumn break, so make sure that you remember to consider all weather possibilities and have a wide range of fun indoor activities to partake in.

Research the Area

Whatever the time of year you take a break, you will no doubt spend time reading up on the local area in search for fun activities to fill your vacation. When holiday in the autumn, you may want to look for activities that are based indoors. Many towns and cities have museums and art galleries that offer free exhibitions throughout the year and often have family focused activities on the weekends.

With seaside areas often having aquatic centres and amusement arcades, there are still plenty of things to do and see when the weather might be wet, and even though the beach may be out of bounds, leisure centres and swimming pools offer splashing fun that can be enjoyed year round.

Pack your Thermals

Although whilst on your caravan holidays, you will have the simple luxury of a warm place to sleep at night, you may be exposed to the elements during the day. You may not actually need to pack thermal wear for your autumnal break, but it is important to take appropriate clothing to avoid the chill, or even to help keep you cool in the warmth.

With the weather in September and October being unpredictable, you will want to pack plenty of layers for you and your children so that clothing is suitable whatever the weather. A warm waterproof coat, and some sensible waterproof shoes can make the difference between having a fun filled break and feeling miserable.

Take a Good Book

It might be the case that you have to spend some of your holiday snuggled up indoors, or delaying your daytrip whilst the downpour passes, so you should remember to pack something to keep you and your children entertained during the rain. For adults, you may just be satisfied by sitting in the warmth with a good book, but children may need a little extra to help keep them smiling.

By packing a variety of activities, you can ensure that should the weather take a turn for the worse, your caravan holiday will still be filled with fun. Taking travel versions of board games, colouring books and art and craft supplies means that you can keep your children occupied if wet weather ensues and can provide brilliant evening activities if you are blessed with sun during your autumn break.

  • Beth Stubbings works for Holiday Resorts Unity. She thinks that despite the possibility of wet weather, the autumn can still be a great time to take a family caravanning vaction.

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