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Most hotel rooms have chairs, beds and TV cabinets. Some also feature desks, end tables or luggage racks. Few travelers devote a great deal of thought to this furniture. They simply use it and move on. However, there are many interesting facts to learn about hotel furniture.


Hotels typically order furnishings from large manufacturers or liquidators. Some companies specialize in hotel furniture. Others manufacture products for a variety of customers. Low-end lodging establishments may purchase used items in bulk. Many hotels put the same things in each room, but there are some exceptions.

Hotels usually purchase additional furniture for suites. These large rooms cost more and feature cooking appliances. A suite might contain a loveseat with an ottoman or coffee table. Some suites also have dining tables, couches or dressers. A few expensive hotels put antique furniture in their rooms and suites.

Furniture Trivia

Desk drawers in hotels often contain the Bible and other holy books. Some hotel owners supply them, but many are donated by religious organizations. Hotels have been known to put their founders’ books in drawers as well.

Hotel furniture is generally of moderate to high quality. Most manufacturers use solid wood to construct it. This makes it lighter and more durable than pressed wood furniture. Hotel rooms rarely contain metal chairs or desks.

Some people visit hotels and find furniture that they would like to own. Guests can use digital cameras to take pictures of these items and post them online. Furniture experts identify the furnishings and tell people how to purchase them.

Damage and Theft

Unscrupulous guests often decide to take desirable furniture and electronics with them. Theft remains common in hotels. A few establishments prevent it by bolting down their valuables. Some furniture contains radio frequency identification tags that can be used to track it.

Hotel guests and their pets also defile or break furniture from time to time. Hotels tend to avoid bright colors that make damage more visible. A few unruly customers intentionally vandalize rooms. There are many stories of celebrities destroying hotel furniture. One popular technique is to throw it off the balcony.

When guests damage furniture, hotels usually bill them for the repairs. They are more likely to demand payment if a customer deliberately destroys hotel property. Even when they only leave for a few minutes, people should lock the doors to their rooms. This will prevent them from being accused of theft or vandalism.

Old Furniture

Lodging establishments often sell their furniture when it becomes worn or old. A few hotels sell items directly to the public, but most of them use liquidators. A liquidator may offer the furniture to individuals or other businesses. Many of the items remain in good condition. People can repair damaged furnishings and resell them.

Hotels occasionally donate used furniture and appliances to charities. Some nonprofits sell these items to raise money. Others use the furniture or give it to people in need. Most hotel furnishings change hands repeatedly. People may use them in a number of homes and businesses before they are finally discarded.

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