Choosing between hotel room or short term rental

People who are scheduled to travel for an extended period of time must select accommodations that will meet their needs. Extended stay hotels and corporate housing are the two options most people choose, but which option is truly better? There are two schools of thought regarding the choice. Let’s explore each and make the best decision possible.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Hotels


Most hotels do not require a credit check to rent a room, and the credit policies are lenient. In addition, standard hotels may have daily cleaning, and extended stay hotels might have weekly cleaning. This is an advantage over corporate housing when cleaning is your responsibility. Other advantages may include daily breakfast, manager’s dinner, bar downstairs, spa, fitness, and swimming facilities. Some hotels even have free grocery delivery service.


Hotel rooms are small and typically, only 150 to 270 square feet in size. There is only one room for eating, living, and sleeping except in suite-style hotels, and most hotel rooms do not have full-size refrigerators, microwaves, or burners.

In many extended stay hotels, these items are present in addition to cabinets and counter space to prepare foods. Separate sinks for preparing foods and cleansing the body are not available in most small hotel rooms, but in some extended stay hotel rooms, this feature is present.

Hotels offer very little privacy or security. Someone can enter your hotel room at any time. This is disconcerting to many guests. Another major disadvantage of hotels is that there may be a charge for the Internet, and the charge may be between $9 and $15 per day. Extended stay hotels may waive the fee or charge a small one-time fee for Internet.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Corporate Housing


The average one bedroom corporate housing apartment is between 720 and 1000 square feet. The apartments have separate living, sleeping, and dining areas. Full-sized appliances and dining tables are also available. Corporate housing is typically located in a residential area as opposed to an urban, high traffic area. Some buildings are upscale and have doormen and complimentary Internet.

The best part is that the apartments have dishwashers and washers and dryers in the unit. The units have basic utensils and cookware necessary to survive for an extended stay.


A free breakfast buffet is not available or included in the price. Housekeeping is typically only available weekly or bi-weekly. There are typically not any loyalty programs, and guests must stay at least 30 days to receive the best rate available.

Which is the Best…hotel room or short stay rental?

The choice depends on what you want. Hotel rooms are typically more expensive than corporate housing unless the rooms are for extended stay. Many people grow tired of living in a hotel room because of the size and would prefer a larger apartment, but the bars, spas, room service, grocery delivery, and other amenities may encourage people to choose the hotel over corporate housing. Review the options and select the best choice for you.

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