How to make money as you travel

Going travelling and seeing the world is often cited as top of most people’s bucket lists and if you get the chance to take a few months, or even years, out of the rat race then make sure you grab it with both hands. Unfortunately, sometimes coming back to reality can often hit the weary traveller with something of a bump and coming home to face credit card debts and swollen overdrafts is an extremely bitter pill to swallow.

In the present financial climate looking after our cash is pretty much at the top of our agendas and, for most people, thoughts of going travelling have inevitably been shelved for the foreseeable future. However, taking time out from work or prior to further education doesn’t have to mean that you end up owing mountains of money and if you’re keen to work while abroad then below are five examples of how you can do just that.

Here are some of the tried and tested tips on how to make money while you travel. The secret lies with you availing your skill and expertise during your holidays, instead of exclusively being a tourist:

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How to make money – Teaching

If you have the ability, drive and the courage to try teaching English as a foreign language then you’ll discover a huge network of work opportunities that can not only swell your bank balance but also strengthen your skill sets and CV. Undertake a CELTA or TEFL course in the UK or abroad and then get some practical experiences under your belt because if you’re hoping to save money and travel the world then this is the number one way to do it.

How to make money – Farm work

If the thought of standing in front of a classroom of expectant faces is not your idea of fun then why not give farm work a try? It’s labour intensive, involves hard graft and means early hours, however, you will get to be outside and gain some skills whilst not biting into your bank balance. Australia, New Zealand and Holland are all crying out for live-in workers and even if you don’t earn much you’ll still have your board and lodgings paid for and a great experience under your belt too.

How to make money – Holiday Rep

Ski seasons and summer months are perfect for the young and the restless to get away from it all and make some money whilst living away from home. The chance to be a holiday rep really gets you under the skin of a resort and from knowing the best places to eat and drink to being part of one big happy family, this is often one of the most entertaining ways of working that you’ll ever experience. Party, save cash and learn a language – what could be better for anyone contemplating work away from home?

How to make money – Write

Websites, blogs and social media sites are crying out for content these days and if you can produce over 600 words of quality and original copy then it’s worth approaching a few agencies to see if you can write for them on a freelance basis. Once you get some work under your belt and a few different clients on your books then the world’s your oyster. Imagine waking up to the swells of the sea before settling down to a morning of writing – as long as you’ve got Wi-Fi access then what’s to stop you from working remotely and earning while you travel?

How to make money – Campsite

All across the world you’ll find a huge network of campsites and caravan sites which are looking for assistance, pretty much, on a year-round basis. From cleaning and maintenance to bar work and reception duties, campsites offer a massive array of roles for anyone wishing to experience gap year travel while not cutting into finances at the same time. Europe, North America and beyond – it’s up to you to make the first move so, what are you waiting for?

Biog: Chris still fondly remembers his time spent working on Norcenni Girasole campsite in Italy which gave him a love of living outside underneath the Tuscan sun.

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