#INDABA2014 exhibitor postmortem – Wesgro

Closely approaching interview number 10…today it’s the 8th edition with Wesgro taking the centre stage to share their experience about INDABA 2014. Theirs is a positive feedback for a big organisation tasked with creating economic opportunities for the province of the western Cape.

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Briefly introduce your company and your designation: 

I am Judy Lain, the Chief Marketing Officer for Wesgro, the official Tourism, Trade and Investment Promotion agency for Cape Town and the Western Cape.  Our mandate is to drive economic development and employment for the province through tourism, trade and investment promotion.

Why did your company exhibit at INDABA 2014?

Indaba is a tourism trade show that exhibits South Africa to the world. By participating on this platform we get the opportunity to display our province to decision makers and buyers in the industry, with the objective of driving visitor numbers.

Was it value for money and why?

Yes it was, we reached our objective of leveraging all of our regions to both domestic and international markets in attendance at this year’s Indaba:

More than 1000 meetings were held on our stand. 

  • 34 products and 6 regions, this excludes the 25 SMMEs that were part of our delegation as roving exhibitors.
  • We had a media crew on our platform throughout Indaba and we met with more than 15 international journalists from Brazil, China, UK, Russia and Kenya, all wanting information and images about our products.
  • There are a number of deals in the pipeline but these cannot be disclosed as yet.

What did you like about INDABA 2014?

The addition of the TechZone added a fresh and innovative angle to the show.  The level of presentations were of a world-class standard and the team took many learnings from it. In addition to this, the Buyers Lounge created an opportunity for us to engage specific buyers, whom we were able to target and arrange meetings with beforehand.

What did you not like about INDABA 2014? 

Many of the SAT activities took place in the TechZone and the ICC, as the Provinces we had to create opportunities and interest in the DEC ourselves. As Cape Town and the Western Cape, we used this opportunity to leverage workshops and activations to showcase our regional service offerings.

Where do you think there is room for improvement? 

There is an opportunity for workshops and conferences, outside of the TechZone and possibly additional speed networking sessions in the morning.

Will your company be exhibiting at INDABA 2015?

Yes we will be at Indaba 2015.

What is your company web address? 


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