Five interesting holiday ideas for animal lovers

If you are an animal lover, and are visiting a place that has a lot of animal habitats to explore and enjoy, then you must consider yourself to be extremely lucky. One such place is Australia, where tourists interested in wildlife and nature have a wide variety of interesting activities to choose from. These are great for kids too.

Safari Trips

There are a lot of places where natural habitats of various animals have been recreated at one spot, so that they can live comfortably, and tourists can see the animals and learn about them first-hand. The easiest way to explore these animals and learn about them is to go in for safari tours, in which these animals are easy to spot. Some places also organize night safaris.

Zoos and Sanctuaries

At the first instance, this idea might seem really common and clichéd to you. But when you think of it logically, every country and continent has different kinds of animals in their zoos and sanctuaries, and when you visit them everywhere, you learn about new things. Some places also offer guided tours for you to learn about the animals, and know more about their mannerisms and other characteristics.

Animal Study Tours

There are up-close and personal animal study tours in which you are literally taken into the wild and see animals moving around. You are usually taken with a team that takes care of your safety, and you can observe animal patterns, movements and a lot more, in their natural habitats. This kind of first-hand information is often helpful for students. And adults too can learn a thing or two.

Feed The Animal

‘Feed The Animal’ kinds of tours are also offered at a lot of places. Sometimes these happen in controlled settings, such as in bird parks etc. where people can purchase different kinds of animal food and feed it to them. Other times, there are adventure groups and nature enthusiasts that get together and plan trips to go to natural habitats of animals and make friends with them.

Whale Watching Tours

Whether you are a schoolteacher taking your school kids on an outdoor trip, or whether you are tourists visiting Australia, you must definitely go in for a whale watching tour. These tours can be customized as per your needs and requirements. Moreover, the decks are at water level, which means that everyone gets the opportunity to see the whales really close. Along with that, one can also spot a lot of other marine creatures, including dolphins and turtles. These trips are great for kids, who can see these animals dancing in the water, and also learn about them at the same time. In a place like Australia, all these things are pretty easy to plan and include in your itinerary. Make sure you do some research beforehand if you are looking to observe a particular animal over there, so that you can plan an activity accordingly. And don’t forget to carry your camera! But be safe, lest they snatch it away from you!

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