Jaci’s Lodges welcomes 20 wild dog pups

Jaci’s Lodges is elated to announce the births of 20 wild dog pups! For those people in the know, these tenacious animals are viciously endangered. Madikwe Game Reserve, where Jaci’s Lodges is situated, is a thriving spot for Africa’s Wild Dogs and the recent addition to the family testifies to this.They are lovely and healthy.

“There was a hazy period recently when a large male lion crossed paths with the dogs, but they survived unscathed, albeit a little rattled. “ Says Jaci’s Lodges General Manager Beukes Geldenhuys who has spent a great amount of time watching them play.

Geldenhuys lets out a hearty laugh recalling how one young pup fell through a hole in a termite mound.  “It was hilarious to see him one moment and the next moment he disappeared into the earth – when he climbed out it was so funny to see the almost embarrassed look on his face.”

Then a few days later another litter was found and seven more pups!

This marvellous boon from nature means that the wild dog population now sits at 16 adults and 13 puppies in one pack and another two packs of 5 adults and 3 adults respectively. And of course the newly born seven pups.

So the message is clear, get to Madikwe Game Reserve and see the thriving Wild Dog population for yourself!

Author: Muzi Mohale

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