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Avis understands the need for consumers to cut costs wherever they can and this also extends to travel budgets. Reducing the amount of money that you spend on your travel doesn’t have to mean compromising safety and quality.

Whether you are travelling for leisure or business, have a big budget or a tight one, Avis has vehicles that will suit almost any budget with their total transport solutions.

Keith Rankin, Chief Executive at Avis Rent a Car Southern Africa says, “At Avis we continually strive to try harder. We make sure that our service compliments each customer’s needs and requirements and that is the reason we have affordable and cost-effective rental options to suite those who might need to be a bit more conservative with their travel budgets.

All Avis entry level vehicles are equipped with air conditioning. These vehicles include the Polo Vivo Hatch and the Hyundai i10. Customers now have the pleasure of enjoying a comfortable drive in these vehicles.

Avis Rent a Car

For those who prefer the convenience of having someone else drive them, Avis Point 2 Point is the super-convenient transfer service that sees chauffeurs take you from point A to point B in comfort and style, any hour of the day on any day. This service also offers a cost-effective economy option such as the Toyota Corolla and the environmentally friendly Volkswagen Caddy.  The Toyota Corolla is extensively used by couples and small families transferring up to three passengers per trip. The Volkswagen Caddy runs predominantly off compressed bio gas (CBG) and has a 13l fuel tank.

Charges for Avis Point 2 Point are calculated per zone. The cost for the service is per transfer per vehicle and not per passenger, this provides a cost effective option if you are travelling with a group of people.

Avis Point 2 Point is the ideal means of transportation whether you want to get from the airport to your hotel, from an event to your front door or from your favourite restaurant to your hotel room. Avis Point 2 Point will take care of this and make sure that all your transport requirements are taken care of.

Avis Van Rental offers a wide range of  vans, bakkies, and up to 8 ton open and closed trucks  as well as single and double cab 4×4’s for commercial or leisure use. Whether you need to move home or office, replace a damaged or broken down vehicle, you’ll find a convenient and affordable vehicle rental solution that meets your requirements.

“We believe that it’s every customer’s right to experience comfortable, safe and convenient transportation and that is why people will always be more important than cars,” concludes Rankin.

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