Would you love 25% off your restaurant bill? Cape Town won’t dent your wallet…

A new collective marketing campaign was recently introduced to the Cape Town Restaurant trade. Instead of restaurants promoting their individual specials, its core offering is a uniform discount rate of 25% of the total bill…without restricting patrons to set menus as is the standard industry practice.

I chat to Andrea Desfarges, the brains behind Cape Town Special Restaurant Month to find out more about this initiative…

What is Cape Town Special Restaurant Month?

It is a group restaurant promotion that took place over Sep and Oct this year.

Cape Town Special

What inspired Cape Town Special Restaurant Month?

The fact that hundreds of restaurants where offering so many individual specials and they seemed to loose money and get lost in the bigger picture.  This helps restaurants to benefit from a collective marketing campaign.

What is unique about Cape Town Special Restaurant Month?

It is the only restaurant promotion to offer 25% off the food bill instead of a set menu.

What is the business model for Cape Town Special Restaurant Month?

To eventually have the largest group promotion that the public can be apart of and pay a nominal fee for a card that allows them the 25% off.

Why a teaser now, when the actual campaign kicks off in winter next year?

It was to introduce ourselves to the restaurant industry and show them what we could do before next year and that we are legitimate.

Why should restaurants join campaign?

They get free marketing, reviews and support, unlike any other promotion we actually try and promote the individual restaurants

What about restaurant suppliers, how can they participate if they’re interested?

We are open to sponsorship if someone is suitable and would like to get involved.

How is this initiative funded since its not-for-profit?

Out of our pockets!  We see it as a long term project.  Even when diners start paying for their discount card, all money goes directly to advertising.

What challenges has the campaign faced?

Many.  We had a copycat company poach restaurants and another steal our logo.  But we persevered and came up tops.

Who is behind Cape Town Special Restaurant Month?

Our company, Publicity, is handling all digital, design and marketing directly.  (www.publicitysa.com)

Post by Cape Town Special.

Lynn Mostert owner of Cafe D’Arts in Diep River says, “I think it’s great what Andrea is trying to do for the industry.  She is genuine about supporting your business.”

Cape Town Special Restaurant Month will be running until the end of October and includes a mix of restaurants and cafes such as Simon’s, Indulge, B.B.Ques, Borracho’s, Bentley Oyster Bar & Bistro, The Vasco Da Gama Taverna, Cafe on Greenmarket, Cafe D’Arts, The Larder, Catch 22 Beachside Grill,  Al’s Place and Towerbosch Earth Kitchen.

  • To register for your 25% discount on food visit www.capetownspecial.com

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