Meet Receptionist: Noma Sontange (Premier Hotel Regent)

My ninth edition profiling hotel staff from around the country, affording them the opportunity to shine and celebrate their involvement within the hospitality industry. Today the spotlight falls on Noma Sontange from Premier Hotel Regent in the Eastern Cape…enjoy the read:

What is your name and which hotel do you work for?

My name is Nomaqwati (Noma) Sontange and I work at the Premier Hotel Regent in East London.

How did you get into your current position?

After completing my studies at the Academic College I applied for the position as receptionist at the Premier Hotel Regent.

Noma Sontange

What were you doing before your current position?

I was a student at the Academic College South Africa.

What do you like about your job?

I enjoy meeting different people every day, learning about different cultures and how to handle different situations.

What challenges are part of your job?

To always be on top of your game mentally to provide guests with effective service at all times.

What is your long term goal with your career?

I hope to become a manager one day and am learning all I can about the industry.

What milestones have you achieved since being part of the hotel front office team?

At Premier Hotels and Resorts the guest is king and having learned the importance of excellent service it gives me a sense of achievement when I feel that I have helped to make a guest that way.

How do you handle rude guests?

I know that it is important to calm down and listen to what the guest want and then I try by my best to satisfy his/her needs.

What is your educational background?

I have a Hospitality Industry Diploma from the Academic College South Africa.

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