Mweb activates free wifi at Lanseria

According to leading social media analytics platform Socialbakers, airports are the most checked in sites on Facebook while a recent survey conducted by local flight booking website revealed that the majority of South African travelers surveyed rate free WiFi as the number one enhancer of the airport experience.*

“The nature of air travel and time spent in airports highlighted these environments as ideal locations to implement the MWEB WiFi zone solution.  As of November 2014 Lanseria International Airport, located in Johannesburg’s north, has become the first airport to go live with this solution,’’ says Nathier Kasu, General Manager at MWEB WiFi.

It is not unusual to meet a traveler who refers to airports as their second home. More and more people are choosing to travel by air and some carriers that fly across Africa are reporting double-digit growth rates. Unfortunately the airport experience is not a simple case of arriving and boarding. Security checks, flight delays, transfers… the business of flying people around the country and beyond means that you may need to spend a lot of time at an airport.

In the past you may have idled away the time spent waiting to board a flight by reading the one book you brought or a newspaper you found on the seat next to you. You may try to kill time perusing the coffee shop menu, ponder if a duty-free purchase will be worth your while or watch the same international news story loop for the upteenth time on public TV screens.

MWEB WiFi unwired space lounge

But instant internet access through WiFi has added a new dimension to using your time in travel limbo effectively. While 3G data can be expensive, slow and unpredictable, WiFi delivers fast and reliable access to the internet emails and more. It has become the must-have feature for airports serious about keeping passengers happy.

“Today’s air passenger is very connected. Smart phones, laptops and tablets are a must-have accessory for travelers, because it keeps them in touch with their world – even when stuck in an airport lobby,” continues Kasu. “MWEB has recognised this demand and invested in bringing its world-class Internet experience to savvy users.”

This is accomplished through MWEB WiFi zones. These are more than simple hotspots – a WiFi zone designates a large area with multiple access points, so no need to huddle around the same pillar with a dozen other travelers, all trying to stay within the small pool of internet access.

“We are happy to launch the MWEB WiFi service for our passengers as we know that staying connected is important to our travelers,” said Gavin Sayce, CEO for Lanseria International Airport. “Nowadays, passengers quite rightly demand that the internet should be available everywhere at international airports, be it for business or leisure, and in many cases it makes travel-related administration much easier as well. The availability of MWEB WiFi at our airport will offer improved connectivity and new options for users with heavy data needs, or with multiple devices,” Sayce added.

MWEB WiFi recently launched their first WiFi activated high street along Durban’s Florida Road, allowing numerous restaurants, bars and other businesses to offer internet access to their customers. Based on the success of this and similar zones across the country, they have expanded this service to Lanseria International Airport. For a limited period, passengers at Lanseria International Airport can enjoy free high-speed uncapped WiFi internet. The MWEB WiFi zone at Lanseria International Airport blankets 97% of the facility, so you never risk losing coverage.

Waiting for a flight no longer means your life has to be interrupted. Whether you just want to quickly respond to Facebook updates, catch up on television shows streamed using the DSTV Now App or spend your hours in waiting lounge stasis to work on that sales document, MWEB’s WiFi is fast, easy to access and always available. Using the latest in connectivity technology, it even delivers demanding services like rich media content such as video-on-demand. MWEB WiFi has also designed the service to not degrade as new users connect to it. Fast, reliable and consistent experience is the promise.

“For the annual Flux Trends, top trends for 2015 release, we have placed our tongues firmly in our cheeks and positioned WiFi as the new base tier of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. While humorous, the trend is very real and reflected in the need to be always on, always connected in the digital era. Connectivity is pivotal to the way we work and play, the boundaries of which have long been blurred. The next trend we are tracking at Flux is the evolution of social media commerce, which takes online shopping to a different level: social shopping on the go and the enabler – unsurprisingly – is connectivity,“ commented Flux Trends founder, Dion Chang.

The internet is a vast place teeming with possibilities that, only a few years ago, were beyond our wildest dreams. MWEB WiFi facilitates the link between the physical world and millions of destinations on the internet, just waiting to be explored.

In an effort to highlight both the MWEB WiFi Zone solution at Lanseria International Airport as well as introduce Lanseria  travelers to the concept that the internet can take you anywhere, MWEB WiFi has also launched the  MWEB WiFi Unwired Spacelounge.

The Spacelounge will be on display at Lanseria over the busy December season. In a similar way to a space port, which in the not-so-distant future, will represent a link between us and astonishing worlds beyond our planet earth, Lanseria International Airport’s departure lounge provides  an ideal environment to create a space evocative of what a departure lounge within a space port might look like in the future.

The launch of MWEB WiFi’s zone solution at Lanseria International Airport is the latest in a long line of venues that join MWEB WiFi’s broadening network of WiFi zones across the country including malls, hospitals and popular social venues.

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