Nelspruit is fired-up for Jeep Warrior #6

This weekend, Kwanyoni Lodge in Nelspruit, is the host for South Africa’s top Warriors tackling Round 6 the country’s biggest obstacle races, the Jeep Warrior Series, powered by Reebok, taking place from 24 to 25 September 2016.

A mere 16 km from Nelspruit, Kwanyoni Lodge will be packed with thousands of athletes who have entered to race over various course distances packed with obstacles, testing strength, skill and endurance, whilst having the most fun with family and friends.

Nelspruit’s Kwanyoni Lodge is a new venue, which won a nationwide vote for new venues to host Jeep Warrior Races. It is described as a hidden jewel in the picturesque citrus valley of Alkmaar and is home to South Africa’s “Big 5”.


2016 Jeep Warrior Race #?Warrior4 | Powered by Reebok – Captured by for

Says Jonathan Hart, Advendurance event organiser and Jeep Warrior Series Course Designer, “The Jeep South Africa #Warrior6 powered by Reebok caters for all fitness levels and age groups. Kwanyoni Lodge is a fantastic venue and offers comfortable accommodation for the entire family. Bring your crew along as there is much fun to be had! There is something for everyone, including a Bratz Race and Bratz child-minding zone. Bring on the weekend!”

Warrior Bratz caters for children ages 4 -12 years old, covering a distance of 500 metres; with 8 obstacles aimed at challenging the little athletes. Parents/guardians are welcome to accompany their children through the course, but may not attempt the obstacles themselves.

Warrior Rookie is the perfect introduction to OCR for athletes 10 years and older, offering up to 15 fun obstacles over a distance from 5 to 8 km. This race is great for team building as well, plus if you’re unable to complete an obstacle, a 20-burpee penalty will see you on your way.

Warrior Rookie Elite is for those that compete for prize money and there are no substitute penalties. All obstacles have to be completed.

Warrior Commando is for those seeking a greater challenge and who want to test themselves a little more in terms of endurance, strength and agility. Commando places a bit more stress on upper body strength than Rookie, but is easier than Black Ops. Warrior Elite means no teams or assistance with other participants is allowed, and all obstacles have to be completed.

Competition in Black Ops and Black Ops Elite race is fierce and presents the toughest of courses, set over 15 – 20 km with up to 30 obstacles, matching world OCR standards. It is the most challenging category, combining both Rookie and Commando obstacles with the addition of endurance obstacles that involve carrying and dragging heavy objects for set distances.

Black Ops Elite is the best of the best warriors competing for prize money. No help allowed and needs to be completed as an individual, plus all obstacles have to be completed or disqualification. As tough as it gets.

Currently, the men’s Black Ops Elite seeding has Claude Eksteen leading with Jeep Team’s Thomas van Tonder in second, and Bradley Claase in third.

Says Van Tonder, “Warrior 6 will be an epic day of training ahead of the OCR World Champs in Canada. These Warrior Races attract all the top contenders in South Africa and demands optimum performance! Bring it on! ”

In the Women’s Black Ops Elite seeding, Hanneke Dannhauser heads the leaderboard, with Trish Bahlmann in second, and Jeep Team’s Carina Marx in 3rd ahead of Dominique D’Oliveira in 4th place.

So grab an old pair of takkies, t-shirt and shorts and enter you and your friends into South Africa’s biggest growing and hippest sport, Jeep Warrior OCR. Remember, Jeep Warrior courses are not for the meek and mild. It is led by the Jeep brand, so expect mud, water, bridges, slides, ladders, climbing nets, monkey ropes and all sorts of fun and challenging terrain and obstacles.

There’s still time to enter Jeep Warrior Kwanyoni Lodge.

Book online here –

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Date: 24 and 25 September 2016

Venue: Kwanyoni Lodge, Alkmaar N4, Mpumalanga, Nelspruit, 1200

GPS Coordinates: 25°27’01.28”S 30°49’26.22”E

Cash Facilities: No. Please bring cash with you.

Parking: Yes

Spectator entry fee: R30 (kids under 3 years of age don’t pay an entrance fee)

Race Day Registration: Register at least 1.5 hrs before the start of your batch.



Today’s obstacle course racing has evolved from military-style bootcamp training courses that were used to prepare recruits for combat. One of the world’s oldest competitive OCR events is the notorious Tough Guy Challenge, which takes place every year in Staffordshire, England. Started in 1987, the race claims to be “the world’s most demanding one-day survival ordeal”.

Held in in the middle of the British winter, Tough Guy’s 15km course is designed to resemble a World War One battleground, with 25 obstacles featuring steep hill climbs and cliffs, freezing water pools and muddy ditches, fire pits, rope bridges, nets and barbed wire fences.

In 2010, OCR truly became an accessible sport to everyone, not just the super fit. This was in part due to the launch of the Spartan and Tough Mudder obstacle races in the USA that catered to a range of fitness abilities. Both races soon gained mass support and sponsorship, with over a million Americans registering for and participating in OCR in 2011.

In 2014, the first OCR World Championships took place in Ohio USA. It was won by the UK’s Jonathan Albon, who went on to successfully defend his crown in 2015.


The Jeep Warrior Race is South Africa’s oldest and largest obstacle course race that spans eight events across four provinces.

The series burst onto the scene in 2013 and immediately spearheaded the meteoric rise of obstacle racing in South Africa. It quickly grew to up to 9000 participants per event and remains at the forefront of the growth spurt in the new sport of obstacle racing with its larger than life obstacles and innovative courses to challenge South Africans.

What makes Jeep Warrior Race so popular, is that anyone can participate – all you need is a pair of old running shoes and a great sense for adventure.

To find out more, go to the Jeep Warrior website –

To keep up with the action, like Jeep Warrior’s Facebook page – – or follow the event on Twitter –

Jeep #Warrior6

Nelspruit – Kwanyoni Lodge

24 Sept – 25 Sept

Jeep #Warrior7

Meerendal, Western Cape

22 Oct -23 Oct

Jeep #Warrior8

Legend MX, Pretoria

19 Nov – 20 Nov

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