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The hotel industry is known to be extremely competitive – this is why some hotel managers have decided to come up with unique, innovative services that would attract even more tourists. Some of these services seem outrageous, but they seem to appeal to the public – in the end, it is marketing! Here you will find several unique services provided by hotels, services you cannot find at every street corner:

1. Window Washing Services

This is another complementary service that seems to appeal to hotel guests. Basically, customers who rent a hotel room for several days benefit from window washing services completely free of charge – having said that, don’t be too surprised if you find your car windows crystal clear in the morning!

2. Drive A High-Class Car

This is a very popular service that is offered by hotels where rooms come with an extremely expensive price tag (usually, a price tag of several thousand dollars a night)! Basically, the price of the room includes one high-class car that you can drive completely free of charge. Be it a Bentley or a Limo, you can truly feel like a king in one of these cars!

3. Tree Climbing

If you had a tree house as a child, then you would certainly enjoy the tree climbing services offered by hotels that are eager to please their customers. Basically, you will be attended by a pro tree climber that will teach you how to safely climb huge trees and see the world from above. This is a one-of-a-kind experience that comes with an affordable price tag as well, as this service costs little over $100.

4. Sleep Pampering

This service is basically a sleep concierge that is offered by some of the world’s most renowned hotels. The customer’s sleeping habits are closely analyzed and the hotel will deliver the most suitable room fitted with the best equipment, bed sheets, pillows and mattresses, to make sure that the customer benefits from the most relaxing night’s sleep. You don’t see this every day, that is for sure!

5. Occasional Goodies

As mentioned above, hotels managers are always preoccupied by the welfare of their customers, this is why they offer some goodies every once in a while, completely free of charge. From cocktails and champagne glasses to frozen fruits and high-quality ice-cream offered during the hot summer days, there is a wide range of occasional goodies to choose from!

6. Home Demolition Services

Stress has an effect on all of us, and while some people opt for relaxation techniques like yoga, others opt for the less conventional ways to relieve stress and anger. Home demolition is a way to relieve stress quickly and efficiently, and increasingly more hotels have started to provide this service to their customers. In a nutshell, the customers gets a room full of items that he can destroy the best way he can – from vases to TVs and furniture, the customer is free to express himself and to destroy whatever he wants, just to relieve stress. Unique idea, isn’t it?

7. Mini-Spa Treatment In The Hotel Room

This is also a service that comes in handy, especially for the ladies. Basically, this service refers to a soap and cream concierge that aims to make the customers feel relaxed and to give them an overall feeling of well-being. The hotel rooms have a wealth of different soaps, scent selections and creams that allow hotel guests to pamper themselves the best way they can. Moreover, the guests can also opt for products with organic ingredients.

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