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It’s that magical time of year again when you take yourself away from the daily drudge of dreary routines. We are talking about the holiday season here and you know there is only one big issue before you get on that plane. Packing is always a problem for those of us who like to take most of our lovely wardrobe on location with us. Of course you want to look your tastiest when on holiday and therein lies the problem. You are limited to the amount of clothes you can take on the flight. In this article we look at the smartest way to ensure that you pack the right clothes, and pack them correctly!

Capsule Wardrobe

The most efficient way to shine on your holidays and ‘holi-nights’, is to plan what you are going to wear each day before you pack.  You also need to decide what to wear on the flight, it is all well and good dressing in your ‘Sloppy Joes’ for a  comfortable but slobby flight, but you would prefer to show up in some style.


Ensure that you choose a lightweight suitcase, because you would be surprised how many kilograms a sturdy case can be. Your baggage allowance will be small so don’t waste any on the baggage itself.  Choose a hard shell case but try and find a light option if possible.

Bathroom Stuff

The perfumes and other toiletries are usually fairly heavy items due to the glass factor involved. Think about miniature bottles or use a plastic dispenser if possible. These days you can find smaller versions of most of your favorite scents just ask in the department store. You can leave the sun cream and beach towel until you arrive.


When you are packing a large case with plenty of clothing items, the key is to make everything as flat as possible. At the bottom of the case, lay your jeans, dresses and skirts across the length of the case. Any extra long items, just hang them over the edge of the case itself. For a nice tip, lay some tissue paper between each clothing item to stop any unnecessary rubbing and possible chaffing. Lay all of the folded items in the middle, this includes t-shirts and tops and hoodies.  Now you can add the heavy items such as your shoes, but place them in plastic bags first. The toiletries should also go in the middle.  Add belts and underwear at the end, stuff them into the available spaces left in your suitcase.

Capsule Wardrobe

When you choose the items that you wish to wear on your break, you need to follow a basic code. Choose at least three tops for each bottom and look at every item and ask if you really want to take this with you? For a two week break you should pack about five bottoms and choose neutral or white colors. This way you can use any color top to wear without any clashing.

The author of this post, Jack Norway, is a part of the team at Picture Point Terraces, a company that provides holiday apartments in Noosa Heads. He has a keen interest in holidays and trips and enjoys sharing his ideas via blogging.

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