How to Pack Super Light for Your Next Holiday

Going on holiday is meant to be one of the most relaxing and pleasant experiences of our lives. Many of us will spend every day working in a stuffy office while dreaming of our holiday at the end of the year when we will get to see somewhere new and different and at the same time live for a while without having to wake up early for work or answer to our boss. We need it for our psychological health, for our sanity, and without it there would be no end in sight to the long slog of work.

However while it’s important for this to be a time that we get to relax and unwind, often it can also be quite a stressful time and we can find ourselves struggling to unwind and to let go simply because of the logistical challenge involved in going on holiday – there’s all that money being spent, there’s the various documents you need, there’s the time scale, and then there’s the hefty luggage that we have to take with us everywhere. All this then means that we can end up too stressed about the fact we have to travel to and from the airport to be able to really relax and enjoy the holiday.

There are many ways to solve this problem and many ways to make the journey simpler, but one of the most simple and effective is to simply make sure that your suitcase is lighter and easier to carry around. Suddenly the thought of trailing it through the airport and maybe on a train or coach doesn’t seem so threatening, and suddenly there’s a lot less to remember either end.

And packing lightly isn’t all that hard once you know how to do it. Here we will look at some great space and weight saving tips to help you avoid unnecessary weight and stress.

No Towel

One quick tip straight away is not to bring a towel with you. If you are staying in a hotel then nine times out of ten you will find that you are supplied with one, but even if you are not given one to use, then you will still be able to buy one out there and you will probably find that this isn’t all that expensive. It’s worth spending a little bit of cash to make your suitcase that much lighter and easier. The same also goes for lots of wash products – either they’ll have them there for you, or you can buy the ones you don’t have.

Lighter Clothes


Of course your towel and wash products only take up so much space – the bulk of the room meanwhile is going to be taken up by your clothes, and so the solution here is to think about packing clothes that will travel lightly – it’s less about quantity and more about which clothes take up the least space and weight. So for instance don’t take jeans when you can take linen trousers or shorts, and don’t take shirts if you have some thin tank tops.

Fewer Clothes:

While it’s more important to bring clothes that are light, it’s of course a bonus if you can pack fewer of them too – which is why it’s important to coordinate. By bringing clothes that will match each other in most cases you will be able to bring fewer clothes in total and you will be more flexible if some get wet or sweaty. Meanwhile bear in mind that you can wear most trousers and shorts several days in a row without it causing too much problem – particularly if you jump in the pool in them.


Lastly if you’re someone who packs loads of books then you can save a huge amount of space and even more weight by simply getting a Kindle to store all your reading material in one place.

Sarah McPherson enjoys writing travelogues and sees that time and again a lot of travelers pack unnecessary stuff in their suitcases. She writes for a leading Nelson Bay accommodation facility.


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